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This is the first Alan Parsons album since 2004's ‘A Valid Path’ and it features musical & lyrical themes that are very close to his heart, interests & passions!

A new Alan Parsons album is always welcome, and with a line-up like this that is no surprise:

Lead Vocals: Jason Mraz, Lou Gramm, Alan Parsons, Todd Cooper, P. J. Olsson, Jordan Huffman, Jared Mahone and Mark Mikel.
Additional Vocals: Dan Tracey, Carl–Magnus “C-M” Carlsson and Andy Ellis.
Narration: Alan Parsons
Guitars: Steve Hackett, Jeff Kollmann, Dan Tracey, Tony Rosacci, Ian Bairnson and Alan Parsons.
Synthesizers / Keyboards: Andy Ellis, Tom Brooks, Dan Tracey and Alan Parsons.
Piano: Pat Caddick, Angelo Pizzaro and Tom Brooks.
Bass: Nathan East, Guy Erez and Jeff Peterson.
Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta, Danny Thompson and Carl Sorensen.
Cello: Michael Fitzpatrick.
Saxophone: Todd Cooper.
Trumpets: Vinnie Ciesielski.
Trombones: Oscar Utterström.
Percussion: Alan Parsons and Todd Cooper.
Ukulele: Jake Shimabukuro.
Orchestra: CMG Music Recording Orchestra of Hollywood.
Orchestral Arrangements: Tom Brooks, Dan Tracey and Milton Olsson.
Orchestra Conducted by: Tom Brooks and Alan Parsons.

Recording Engineers: Noah Bruskin, Alan Parsons and Grant Goddard.
Mixing Engineers: Alan Parsons and Noah Bruskin.
Assistant Engineers: Jeff Fitzpatrick.
Additional Engineering: Tre Nagella, Dave Albro and Andy Ellis.
Mastering Engineer: Dave Donnelly.
Producer: Alan Parsons.

‘Secret’ is also available as a Standard CD – Stock # 2129603
‘Secret’ is also available as a 180gm Vinyl LP – Stock # 2131314
‘Secret’ is also available as a 2LP+CD+DVD & Memorabilia Package – Stock # 2131313

‘Secret’ is released on 26th April 2019.


01. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
02. Miracle
03. As Lights Fall
04. One Note Symphony
05. Sometimes
06. Soirée Fantastique
07. Fly To Me
08. Requiem
09. Years Of Glory
10. The Limelight Fades Away
11. I Can’t Get There From Here