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Product Format: BX10               

Price: £41.66 (exc) £49.99 (inc)


2019 album in Four Limited Deluxe Formats that features – among others – collaborations with TANGERINE DREAM on LONG and STANDARD length tracks!

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Multi-award winning electronica artist Christopher van Deylen, aka Schiller, has sold million of albums worldwide, and collaborates with other international musicians and on this release he has collaborated with – among others - TANGERINE DREAM! However, TD fans should note that although the performance credit is TANGERINE DREAM, as far as we know it is just Thorsten himself! There are both LONG and STANDARD length versions of the piece!

Christopher van Deylen is a Synth musician that has taken all his influences from the 70’s EM pioneers and moulded them into his own sound that seems to have mass appeal to fans across the entire popular music spectrum. From electronica through to dance, Schiller music music is addictively melodic and infectious and often highly rhythmically charged. He features extended and standard length instrumentals and songs where he employs the talents of guest international vocalists.
Being Synthesizer music buffs - and the fact that Klaus Schulze has been such a major influence on this artist - we at CDS Towers have been singing the praises of Schiller for some time, but despite his huge sales in Europe he has never quite taken off to a mass audience to the same degree in the UK and the US, although in 1998 the project's first release: ‘Das Glockenspiel’ turned out to be an instant international hit that has been one of the very few German productions entering the UK-charts top-three, and has since been remixed by legendary DJ Tiesto.

As normal with Schiller releases, there is a multitude of formats to choose from with ‘Morgenstund’…

1. This SUPER DELUXE version that contains 2 CD's and 2 BluRay’s with a Book packaged in a Hard Slipcase. Stock # 2127137

2. An ULTRA DELUXE version that is the Ultimate Fan Edition with all musical content as printed, numbered and includes an original 50cm x 50cm Stretcher Framed Canvas signed by Schiller.
It includes the Super Deluxe Edition 2CD+2 BluRay Set in a Hard Slipcase as well as an Additional Bonus CD and another Bonus BluRay. Stock # 2127138
Please Note: despite much pestering of the German record company, we still haven't had a totally confirmed track list for the 3rd BluRay and 3rd CD!

3. A DELUXE version that contains a Single CD and Single BluRay packaged in a Digi-Pak – Please Note: despite much pestering of the German record company, we still haven't had a totally confirmed track list for this edition yet! Stock # 2128316

4. A DELUXE DOUBLE VINYL version that comes in a Gatefold Sleeve and pressed on Very Limited Yellow Vinyl with a Download Code included. Stock # 2127139

‘Morgenstund’ is released on 22nd March 2018.

SCHILLER: MORGENSTUND Super Deluxe 2CD+2BR Edition Track List:

Disc 1 [CD]:
01. Willkommen (0:38)
02. Harmonia (6:02)
03. Universe [with Tricia McTeague] (7:24)
04. Dreamcatcher [with Jhyve] (3:49)
05. Baum Des Lebens (5:50)
06. Avalanche [with Schwarz] (5:37)
07. Das Goldene Tor [with Yalda Abbasi] (6:21)
08. Berlin Tehran {Miniatur} (1:09)
09. In Between [with Jan Blomqvist] (4:46)
10. Morgenstund [with Nena] (5:05)
11. Shangri La (5:26)
12. Lichtjahre [with Giorgio Moroder] (4:28)
13. New Day [with Schwarz] (6:07)
14. Over You (4:13)
15. Morgenstern {Ausschnitt} [with TANGERINE DREAM] (5:06)
16. Love [with Rebecca Ferguson] (8:50)

Disc 2 [CD]:
01. Aurora (6:44)
02. Kronos (5:06)
03. Poseidon (4:53)
04. Shangri La [Orchestra Version] (6:51)
05. Aphrodite (4:19)
06. Berlin Tehran (4.25)
07. Die Farben Der Nacht (6:23)
08. Morgenstern [Album Version - with TANGERINE DREAM]
i.) Part 1 (4:38)
ii.) Part 2 (4:10)
iii.) Part 3 (3:31)
iv.) Part 4 (2:34)
v.) Part 5 (5:24)
vi.) Part 6 (3:03)
vii.) Part 7 (3:57)
viii.) Part 8 (3:36)
ix.) Part 9 (1:25)

Disc 3 [BluRay]:
01. Nachtflug [live In Tehran]
02. Ultramarin [live In Tehran]
03. Schiller [live In Tehran]
04. Future III [live In Tehran]
05. Once Upon A Time [live In Tehran]
06. Das Glockenspiel [live In Tehran]
07. Tiefblau [live In Tehran]
08. Berlin Moskau [live In Tehran]
09. Leben – I Feel You [live In Tehran]
10. Denn Wer Liebt [live In Tehran]
11. Polarstem [live In Tehran]
12. Ruhe [live In Tehran]
13. Applaus & Credits [live In Tehran]
14. Persische Nächte
15. Reise Reise
16. Photoalbum I – live in Tehran
17. Photoalbum II – Persia Gallery

Disc 4 [BluRay]:
01. Willkommen
02. Aurora
03. Kronos
04. Poseidon
05. Shangri La
06. Aphrodite
07. Harmonia
08. Credits
09. Willkommen / Harmonia [Surround Sound]
10. Universe [Surround - with Tricia McTeague]
11. Dreamcatcher [Surround Sound – with Jhyve]
12. Baum Des Lebens [Surround Sound]
13. Avalanche [Surround Sound – with Schwarz]
14. Das Goldene Tor / Berlin Tehran [Surround Sound – with Yalda Abbasi]
15. Das Goldene Tor / Berlin Tehran {Miniatur} [Surround Sound]
16. In Between [Surround Sound – with Jan Blomqvist]
17. Morgenstund [Surround Sound – with Nena]
18. Shangri La [Surround Sound]
19. Lichtjahre [Surround – with Giorgio Moroder]
20. New Day [Surround Sound – with Schwarz]
21. Over You [Surround Sound]
22. Morgenstern [Surround Sound – with TANGERINE DREAM]
23. Love [Surround Sound – with Rebecca Ferguson]
24. Universe [Official Video – with Tricia McTeague]
25. Das Goldene Tor [Official Video – with Yalda Abbasi]
26. Shangri La [Official Video]
27. New Day [Official Video – with Schwarz]
28. Berlin Tehran [Official Video]
29. Im Studio Bei Genesis [in GENESIS' studio]
30. Santur Aufnahmen - Tehran
31. Gitarren Aufnahmen - London
32. Elektronik Aufnahmen - Berlin
33. Persische Nächte
34. Vier Uhr Zwanzig
35. Morgen Kann So Viel Passieren
36. Klangwelten - Behind The Scenes
37. Photo Album - Iran
38. Photo Album - Klangwelten
39. Reise Reise
40. Wall Of Friends