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Product Format: CD               

Price: £11.66 (exc) £13.99 (inc)


Hypnotic Prog debut from a PINK FLOYD influenced band from Norway that will also appeal to fans of CAMEL, RPWL, TALK TALK and PORCUPINE TREE!

Back in 2009, and hot of the heels of our recent best-selling ‘Tick-Tock’ album by GAZPACHO, came yet another amazing Norwegian band working in the same musical area (they have even played gigs together) – this is AIRBAG with their debut album on Karisma Records.
Entitled: ‘Identity’, it comprises of 8 songs with AIRBAG's unique sound of classic Prog-Rock blended with scenic soundscapes, epic guitars and soulful vocals.
The CD has already been hailed by legendary Classic Rock Magazine as: "Prog at its most chilled, honeyed and soothing", and that is an extremely accurate description for its rich blend of soaring guitar melodies that are bathed in seas of symphonic synths and organ work (plus some piano). Try to imagine ‘Shine On Your Crazy Diamond’ FLOYD meeting ‘Ice’ CAMEL and you’re not far off the mark as to what AIRBAG sound like.
Like the guy from GAZPACHO, AIRBAG’s vocalist also has a really amazing voice, with little or no sign of an accent and delivering the lyrics in a soulful, dream-like fashion that I find captivating.
The guitar work is so good too - beautiful and melodious playing that combines perfectly with lush keyboard backdrops, and when the synthesizers solos come along they too are haunting and ethereal – the type of sounds that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention as soon as you hear them.

AIRBAG have one laid-back sound that, if you like your Prog to be mellow and melodic, you are certain to get into big-time!
The five-piece band from Oslo has been playing together in various constellations for years, but AIRBAG in its present form was born in 2005. They have managed to create their own unique sound for music influenced by artists from a wide range of genres, from PINK FLOYD, CAMEL and PORCUPINE TREE to TALK TALK, RADIOHEAD and A-HA.
Using the Internet, AIRBAG have already managed to create a sizable fan-base from all over the world, using their homepage as their main channel to reach an audience. When ‘Identity’ was released in 2009 the band already had 200,000 downloads on their website, 35,000 plays on MySpace and raving reviews from all over the world, so even then AIRBAG were set to be a force to be reckoned with.

Another point of note is the packaging for ‘Identity’ – This CD has one of the most innovative pieces of packaging I’ve seen, with almost every part contributing to the overall creation of an eye on the front of the slipcase – A unique and well thought out design that finishes of a perfect piece of product.


01. Prelude (5:11)
02. No Escape (5:45)
03. Safe Like You (7:58)
04. Steal My Soul (8:01)
05. Feeling Less (5:06)
06. Colours (8:07)
07. How I Wanna Be (7:04)
08. Sounds That I Hear (7:25)

TPT: 54:39