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A consistently inventive UK synth musician discovering more new territory with a thoroughly enjoyable sea of atmospheres, textures, melodies & rhythms!

With the release of ‘Elemental’ DiN Records reached its 25th title since Boddy's inaugural release: ‘Box of Secrets’ in 1999. This is his 4th DiN release with ‘Chiasmata’ in 2004 and ‘Aurora’ in 2002 being the other two. ‘Elemental’ was certainly Boddy's most structured set of pieces for quite some time. The 8 tracks run in a continuous set merging into each other via ambient cross fades. The first and last tracks on the CD have a grandiose, choral character that nicely bookend the album. Four of the others are strongly rhythmic and include hefty bass lines with intricate percussion, all overlaid with beguiling and subtle melodic themes. The remaining two tracks are in a more atmospheric, ambient vein and provide aural resting points in what feels like a musical journey. However, ‘Elemental’ doesn't have quite as much of the spacey feel as found on his last two releases, preferring to exude a more organic, down to earth approach.
So let’s look deeper in this fine new Ian Boddy album…

‘Never Forever’ is incredibly soporific – in a good way – the sort of track to which you just close your eyes and let your mind wander.
‘Stormfront’ emerges in deep cosmic territory, but then gives way to an undulating electronic programmed percussive rhythm of the ambient kind, plus backdrop Mellotron and a gorgeously floating melodic lead electric piano, all topped off with crisp percussive beats and slowly swirling synths, all making for a solid but extremely atmospheric six minutes of music.
‘If All The World Was Blue’ returns to the cosmos, with slowly synth droplets cascading down over winding sea of lead synth and string-like textures that slowly move into the foreground. The mix is full of cosmic subtleties of the textural kind, as your imagination takes hold and you allow the music to carry you off into space.
‘Foundry’ has throbbing bass lines that drive the seven-minute track forward and display a solid resonance all of their own, and the way they develop into this bass-percussive rhythmic march is simply stunning. Lead piano and distant synths take up the melodic heart of the track and the whole thing chugs along to perfection, with a mix of emotive atmospheres, addictive rhythms, cosmic textures and expansive strings.
The nine-minute: ‘Reflex’ starts out in cosmic bliss, then gradually adds a slowly purposeful electro-percussive rhythm, as assorted layers drift into view and glide by and the journey begins. Deep bass throbs away, synth layers well up and haunting electronics add a space music feel to what is a superb hybrid of cosmic and ambient music that really sounds unique and becomes rapidly addictive. More layers unfold, fly by, and are replaced by others, with nothing standing still for any length of time, with the core rhythms at the foundations and the slowly melodic lead synth providing the top level focus, before eventually dying away as the track cruises to a cosmic finale.
‘Flux’ starts out in a more exploratory amorphous realm, where the random synth sounds possess real warmth and serenity, so much so that when the ‘Phaedra’-esque Mellotrons emerge, the track takes you right back to the cosmic seventies, while at the same time keeping its wholly contemporary status, the whole thing eventually fading to a more spacey and deeply textural closure.
‘All Roads Lead To Home’ wakes you up with another solid bass synth throb, as rhythms resonate under clattering electro-percussive beats overlaid with magical melodic keyboard leads, giving the track a structure that is the closest Boddy gets to a tune these days. But, getting dangerously close to that, he decides to pursue another avenue, as a stripped down rhythm-free few seconds illustrates, before the rhythm returns, this time with lead synth and synth choirs adding the extra layers to great effect. Strong sounding, yet still full of feeling, it bounces towards another silent ending, as the title track emerges with a bang – or at least in a hail of synths that start loud and fade.
It’s not long before ‘Elemental’s organ-like synth and delicate piano-like melody provide another glimpse of the seventies, then the piano turns into a sequence, the organ turns into strings, and the mutation reveals a magical canvas on which real sequencers are introduced, and the mix of rhythmic and cosmic never sounded so good. But then, amid a shower of drums and synths, the whole thing rises up into this huge-sounding symphonic anthem, strengthening with every second and taking you higher and higher until it all drops back just over the five minute point and fades to the final cosmic conclusion.
As you would only expect from arguably the most inventive yet consistent synth musician in the UK today, let alone the last 20 years, this is yet more new territory and yet it is 100% successful from start to finish!


01. Never Forever (3:13)
02. Storm Front (5:55)
03. If All The World Was Blue (4:52)
04. Foundry (7:38)
05. Reflex (9:36)
06. Flux (6:02)
07. All Roads Lead To Home (7:37)
08. Elemental (7:14)

TPT - 52:13