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2012 collaborative project from UK DiN label boss Ian Boddy and Scandinavian Guitar / Synth player Erik Wøllo.

Ian Boddy is as well known for his collaborative projects as for his solo output, and Erik Wøllo is the eighth musician Boddy has worked with on the DiN catalogue. Indeed Wøllo's initial outing on DiN was in collaboration with Bernhard Wöstheinrich on the 2009 release: ‘Arcadia Borealis’. Bernhard has also worked with Boddy on two other DiN releases. This feedback and inter-connection between musicians with different musical backgrounds has always been one of the DiN label’s main aims, and this continues to produce fascinating and unexpected results.
‘Frontiers’ is a musical travelogue through lands unknown although the sonic climate is very much influenced by the two musicians shared Northern European heritage. The album is book-ended by: ‘Vista’ and ‘Ascension’ which feature Wøllo’s panoramic chordal backdrops over which Boddy plays his now famous "Ondes Martenot" glissando synth lead lines. Between these two beautiful, haunting tracks the album is built around four sequencer driven pieces, each gaining in intensity and culminating in the intense penultimate title track: ‘Frontiers’. These are interspersed with more abstract and atmospheric interludes, featuring field recordings the two artists have made in their own personal travels through their respective native landscapes. Constantly shifting in mood and tone, the album leads the listener across vast, open, icy sonic landscapes whilst periodically sheltering in more warm humane zones. Expertly crafted by the two renowned musicians, Wøllo & Boddy produce a work of complex musical maturity that will open up its secrets over repeated listenings.

Instruments and sounds featured on ‘Frontiers’ are:
Ian Boddy: Synthesizers, Gliss-keyboard, Samplers & Field recordings.
Erik Wøllo: Electric / Slide / E-bow & Fretless Guitars, Guitar Synthesizer, Synthesizers and Field recordings.


01. Vista (3:59)
02. Trek (5:45)
03. Undergrowth (4:37)
04. Steppe (6:05)
05. Migration (3:29)
06. Reverie (4:25)
07. Searching (7:13)
08. Shelter (7:32)
09. Frontiers (7:57)
10. Ascension (5:25)
TPT - 56:33