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Product Format: CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: £8.33 (exc) £9.99 (inc)


Superb melodic instrumentals composed, arranged, performed & produced by the Italian keyboardist, with executive production/mastering by David Wright!

Merlini’s haunting music has a flavour of artists like AMETHYSTIUM, (‘Exit’ circa) TANGERINE DREAM, Vangelis, Bekki Williams and David Wright, so it’s hardly surprising that this and the previous Merlini album should come from Wright’s AD Music label, a record company renowned for “EM” that’s more on the melodious side than most.
'Enchantment' is an expertly crafted and original multi-layered, electronic music opus that has a relaxed feel to it. The style, mood and hauntingly beautiful themes bring all the above mentioned artists to mind, and as with Claudio's previous release, there are occasional nods toward world music, with influences provided by delicate vocal layers and certain synth pre-set sounds, but these are subtle and never overdone.
The melodic and atmospheric music is often backed with some gently drifting rhythms and it has a wonderful depth and feel that demands repeated listens.
As well as being mastered and co-produced by David Wright, ‘Enchantment’ also features a David Wright remix of the title track.
This dreamy music is definitely for those of you with a more melodic electronic music ear and will therefore also appeal to aficionados of quality new age music.

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Track List:
01. Desire (3.40)
02. Portraits (3:50)
03. Quiet Place (4:44)
04. Enchantment (5:20)
05. Faventibus Ventis (5:15)
06. In the Air (4:00)
07. Frozen Light (5:20)
08. Masquerade Girl (5:21)
09. Inner Spirit (3:49)
10. Float In The Dark (4:09)
11. Magic Sleigh Ride (3:52)
12. Karma (6:10)
13. Book Of Memories (4:05)
14. Tower (5:56)
15. Enchantment [Power Mix] (5:29)
16. Enchantment [David Wright Summer Club Remix] (7:30)

TPT - 78.38