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Product Format: LP               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: £15.83 (exc) £18.99 (inc)


1st in a series of KING CRIMSON High Quality Vinyl LP reissues is 2010’s release of the 1969 iconic: ‘Court Of The Crimson King’ classic!

Sick to death of these old and super-scratchy vinyl copies of the genre-defining KING CRIMSON albums you bought way back when, but can't part with just because?
Still love that wonderful warm vinyl sound?
Well the gnomes at Panegyric have answered your prayers. Lovely fresh copies of the recent roasters of the first three albums, pressed on Super Quality 200gm Vinyl, and housed in good chunky sleeves.
By all accounts they re-define the term “vinyl reissue”.
You also get a code for the download of a copy of a transfer of the original pressings (minus clicks) too.
What more could you want?

Originally released in the UK on a pink Island label LP in 1969, this is the return of one of THE iconic late 60’s albums that played a huge part in the beginning of the Progressive Rock revolution.
Alongside it’s creator Robert Fripp, this LP introduced us to some incredible musicians like: Michael Giles with his intricate and tight drumming style, Ian McDonald who went on the play keyboards & winds for countless other bands, plus none other than Greg Lake, who went on to form ELP with Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer.
‘Court’ also introduced us to the amazing lyrical talents of one Peter Sinfield, who worked with CRIMSON for many years to come, but also played a huge roll with lyrics for ELP and helped bring other bands to the forefront of the Prog genre like P.F.M. His songwriting talents later extended into the realms of writing massive hits for several mega stars in the world of pop.

The full band line-up for ‘In The Court Of The Crimson King’ was Robert Fripp (guitar), Greg Lake (bass guitar / lead vocals), Ian McDonald (reeds / woodwind / vibes / keyboards / Mellotron / vocals), Michael Giles (drums / percussion / vocals) and Peter Sinfield (words & illumination).

The album’s return to the 12” Vinyl format comes newly cut from masters approved by Robert Fripp, manufactured on 200 Gram Super-Heavyweight Vinyl and housed in a reprint of the original beautiful Gatefold Sleeve. This edition also contains Bonus MP3 Codes giving access to a download of a transfer of an Original (click free) 1969 Pressing.

Demand for this 2010 vinyl reissue of ‘In The Court Of The Crimson King’ and 2011’s ‘In The Wake Of Poseidon’ has exceeded all expectations, with both titles having been re-pressed.
The 2012 reissue of ‘Lizard’ has also become a high demand title on vinyl which, like the first two titles above, the album’s reputation underwent a serious re-evaluation due in no small part to the overwhelmingly positive nature of the reception given to Steven Wilson & Robert Fripp’s CD+DVD-A editions of the early KING CRIMSON catalogue.

KING CRIMSON’s ‘In The Court Of The Crimson King’ is a magnificent, all-time Mellotron laden classic – Every home should have one!


Vinyl LP - Side A:
01. 21st Century Schizoid Man {including Mirrors} (7:20)
02. I Talk To The Wind (6:05)
03. Epitaph (8:47) including…
i.) March For No Reason
ii.) Tomorrow And Tomorrow

Vinyl LP - Side B:
01. Moonchild (12:11) including…
i.) Dream
ii.) Illusion
02. Court Of The Crimson King (9:22) including…
i.) Return Of The Fire Witch
ii.) Dance Of The Puppets

TPT - 43:45