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2012 studio masterpiece from the undisputed world leaders of genuine Orchestral Symphonic-Rock, and it’s the 2nd in a planned trilogy of releases!

‘Invicta’s predecessor, 2010’s excellent ‘Journey’s End’ was the first in this trilogy of albums, and now we have the second one, and it’s the sound of classic ENID that their hoards of dedicated followers are going to savour.
The response to previews has been outstanding, and there are a few surprises too, but let me tell you that you are in for a real treat with ‘Invicta’!

‘Invicta’ marks a new era for the band, and is undoubtedly “The Enid” through and through. It has utilised the talents of the new line up - generations new and old – to bring you an impressive album that is both unique and current. With basic rhythms and multiple overlaying time signatures "fleshed out" with symphonic orchestrations to provide a warm, wholesome sound, ‘Invicta’ has been recorded in the traditional analogue format, which is how they are able to achieve that vintage “Enid” sound we all know and love.

The band line-up is now: Max Read (vocals / guitar), Dave Story (drums / percussion), Jason Ducker (guitars), Joe Payne (vocals), Robert John Godfrey (keyboards) and Nic Willes (bass /percussion). The album’s artwork has been created by artist: Bob Read (Max's father), and is loosely based on a concept by Robert John Godfrey.

So what is ‘Invicta’ like then? …. Well, classic ENID really, but with much in the way of real added strength in the vocal department!
‘Anthropy’ opens the album with a dramatic atmospheric air, before flowing into ‘One And The Many’ where a beautiful male soprano vocal joins the piano, classical brass and cello keyboard sounds of Robert John Godfrey.
Layered vocals take over for an anthemic chorus of real beauty, with the unmistakable sound of Godfrey’s keyboards making their presence felt, filling the background with sombre string sounds and delicious synth brass textures. The track gradually builds with added keyboard layers and percussion in true ENID fashion and just as dramatic as they ever were, as the huge sweeping organ chords close the piece in climactic fashion.
Lyrically and musically speaking, ‘Who Created Me’ is again classic ENID of the ‘Touch Me’ and ‘Six Pieces’ era, but with a much more modern feel.
‘Execution Mob’ starts out in a medieval square atmosphere then it moves into a song with a multi-voice harmonic vocal arrangement that at times sound a little Moody Blues-ish.
‘Witch Hunt’ opens dramatically with typically ENID brass and string sounds, plus vibrant percussive rhythms, and continues on down a flowing path littered with classic ENID sounds and drama, building towards huge orchestral climax with electric guitar searing in and out of the panoramic soundstage.
‘Heaven's Gate’ is classic ENID from ‘In The Region…’ and ‘The Spell’ eras, opening with pulsating orchestral synthesizers & keyboards creating a dark heavy atmosphere. The sound glides effortlessly through wispy cloud formations with guitar sunbeams piercing the haze and eventually opening out into a beautiful sky-high soaring guitar led piece of symphonic orchestral artistry with an eerie element that will completely blow ENID fans away!
‘Leviticus’ is also classic ENID, a beautiful song with a haunting captivating air to it with (again) beautiful vocal arrangements over an exotic array of hypnotic rhythms and wonderfully descriptive guitar and keyboard work.
‘Villain Of Science’ opens like something that could have been from: ‘Aerie Faerie Nonsense’ – slightly quirky in the lyrical department, with a dramatic instrumental arrangement that ENID stalwarts will thoroughly enjoy.
‘The Whispering’ has a soft but stirring orchestral intro followed by a choral arrangement of equal beauty, with male soprano lead vocal creating a heavenly atmosphere. There is a hymnal quality to this track that reminds me of some of the more gentle passages from ‘The Spell’ and if finishes an excellent new ENID album off in a moment of true beauty.
‘Invicta’ is a top quality album from Robert and the boys and it is certain to please their dedicated army of fans. Apart from the brilliance of the - as always - Elgar influenced orchestrations, the other outstanding feature about this album are the quality of the harmonic vocal arrangements, which truly are outstanding. Robert himself would I’m certain admit to earlier ENID albums not being the strongest in the vocal department, but here they really have them spot on, with a sound that keeps the band as unique as ever, but I know there is an even wider audience out there who have yet to dabble in the extraordinary music that this band is more than capable of producing, and no more so than on this incredible new 2012 album.
We at CDS Towers will continue to spread the word that The ENID as THE most individual of all the Symphonic Rock bands around and THE finest exponents of a form that bridges the Rock and Classical markets perfectly.


01. Anthropy (1:03)
02. One And The Many (10:22)
03. Who Created Me (5:40)
04. Execution Mob (4:05)
05. Witch Hunt (6:36)
06. Heaven's Gate (9:09)
07. Leviticus (6:03)
08. Villain Of Science (5:03)
09. The Whispering (4:23)

TPT – 52:26