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If you are a fan of Beth Nielsen Chapman, you really are going to love this album from the relatively new American singer / songwriter: Jenn Bostic!

Similar to the likes of Eva Cassidy, Katie Melua and Beth Nielsen Chapman before her, Jenn Bostic could be another of those artists initially launched in the UK by DJ’s like Terry Wogan and Bob Harris who have a good ear for something special in the female singer / songwriter department, and recent airings on Wogan’s BBC Radio 2 Sunday morning show (where I first heard her) have brought feverish audience reaction for an album by this lady, and here it is…available to pre-order at CDS Towers now!

Singer / songwriter Jenn Bostic, whose track ‘Jealous Of The Angels’ is also a hot favourite of U.K. DJ Simon Bates' influential morning show on Smooth Radio, will release her 2nd album: ‘Jealous’, in the U.K. and Ireland on the 10th of December 2012.
The YouTube views for the song, produced by Barrett Yeretsian, have already exceeded over one million. Hundreds of videos have been made of covers and tributes utilizing ‘Jealous Of The Angels’. When Bates discovered the song and aired it on his radio program, the reaction sent it soaring into the Top 10 “Most Played” for the week.
Working with producer Yeretsian, Bostic’s ‘Jealous’ is a superb showcase for her talents as both a singer and writer. The graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music recently won five 2012 Independent Country Music Association Awards, including “Overall Winner”, “Best Female Country Artist”, “Best Musician”, “Best Songwriter” and “Country Music Song Of The Year” for ‘Jealous Of The Angels’.
Jenn has just completed a North American tour, with sold-out shows at the Hotel Café in L.A. and Rockwood Music Hall in N.Y. Born in Philadelphia, but raised in a small Minnesota town, Bostic’s career as a singer and songwriter began when she was just 10 years old, in the back seat of her father’s car with her older brother on the way to school. A horrific crash that killed her dad, and a musician who encouraged her interest in performing, changed the 26-year-old’s life forever.
“God must need another angel/Around the throne tonight,” she sings on ‘Jealous Of The Angels’. “Your love lives on inside of me/And I will hold on tight.”
“I’m a big dreamer,” she admits. “Winning a Grammy is the ultimate goal. I’ve visualized it happening; next step is making that dream a reality.” With a little help from someone who continues watching over her shoulder.
“When I play ‘Angels,’ and people come up to me and tell me a story about losing a loved one, how the song touched them and helped them heal, that means more to me than anything."


01. Change
02. Anywhere But Here
03. Jealous Of The Angels
04. Not Yet
05. Wait For Me
06. Let's Get Ahead Of Ourselves
07. Snowstorm [acoustic]
08. Give Me Back My Pride
09. Just One Day
10. Missin' A Man
11. Lips On Mine