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Guitar legend and the next generation of keyboard wizardry join forces for this excellent 2013 album!

March 2013 saw guitar legend Gordon Giltrap and keyboardist Oliver Wakeman (following his years of touring with the classic progressive rock band YES) release their debut collaborative album: ‘Ravens & Lullabies’.
The album is a 13-song collection of memorable rock pieces coupled with thought provoking lyrics alongside acoustic duets featuring their fine instrumental interplay, and what a cracking album its turned out to be!

‘Ravens & Lullabies’ is extremely melodic with the duo sharing solo duties during the selection of 13 songs and instrumentals (on the main album). Musically it’s a bit like an Alan Parsons Project meets Rick Wakeman & The E.R.E. style album. The playing and production is, as you would expect, top notch and right from the word go it is so noticeable how like his father Oliver’s playing style has become, as has the sounds he produces from his Moogs, Memotron and other keyboards & synthesizers. Giltrap’s guitar playing is as magical and tuneful as it ever was, and the duo actually gel their individual styles together beautifully for this album. In fact all the contributors play their parts very well, with a special mention for ARENA’s Paul Manzi, who’s excellent vocals add icing on to an already delicious cake.
Both parties should be extremely pleased with the result of their efforts, because ‘Ravens & Lullabies’ is a fine album with many strikingly good melodies from start to finish. A lot of heart and emotion has gone into the compositions on ‘Ravens & Lullabies’, and the overall result is one extremely good album that the duo should rightly be very proud of.

The project was initiated with a phone call from Gordon to Oliver in early 2012 requesting Oliver's keyboard services for a new rock album. Within 24 hours Gordon had phoned again suggesting a full collaboration instead, and so the ‘Ravens & Lullabies’ concept was born.
Gordon and Oliver spent 2012 writing and recording the album, which features a return for Gordon to his rock roots after spending 30 years working the acoustic area, and Oliver’s first recorded output after his departure from both YES and STRAWBS.
The album was recorded and mixed by THRESHOLD guitarist Karl Groom (who also mixed the YES ‘Live In Lyon’ record, which featured Oliver on keyboards).

‘Ravens & Lullabies’ was initially available in 2 Formats: this Standard Single CD featuring the 13 new pieces, or as a Double CD Pack Special Edition featuring a Bonus CD of ‘live’ recordings taken from their 2012 tour and re-recordings of pieces from Oliver and Gordon’s past catalogue.

The album features performances by the following well respected musicians.
Paul Manzi (vocals - has performed with the Oliver Wakeman Band for the last 6 years, appearing on the live DVD ‘Coming To Town’ and is the current vocalist for the rock band ARENA).
Steve Amadeo (bass guitar - an in demand Jazz/Blues/Rock session bass player, and currently performing with Blues guitarist Aynsley Lister).
Johanne James (drums - has been the THRESHOLD drummer for the last 12 years).

‘Ravens & Lullabies’ also features a special vocal appearance by Benoit David, Oliver’s old band mate from YES, on the track: ‘From The Turn Of A Card’ written by Oliver during the YES recording sessions of 2010. Gordon says: "Working with Oliver is like a breath of fresh air. I knew of his reputation as a fine musician, and it made perfect sense for me to tap into his creative energy, not only to bring out certain elements of my musical gifts, but to create something new and exciting, at the same time giving a nod in the direction of our respective Progressive Rock roots."
Oliver adds, "After working with YES, the chance of working with another legendary artist was an opportunity too good to miss. I am having a wonderfully productive time working with Gordon and feel we are creating something genuinely unique in our 'Ravens & Lullabies' project."
Many of Gordon’s fans have been asking for years when he is going to return to his rock roots and others wondered what Oliver would write after the YES experiences... Well, now we know!


01. Moneyfacturing (4:10)
02. Fiona's Smile (3:01)
03. From The Turn Of A Card (3:47)
04. LJW (4:08)
05. Maybe Tomorrow (3:26)
06. Wherever There Was Beauty (2:40)
07. Is This The Last Song I Write? (10:02)
08. Mayfair Kiss (2:54)
09. Anyone Can Fly (4:48)
10. Perfect Day (2:41)
11. Credit Carnival (5:38)
12. One For Billie (2:11)
13. Ravens Will Fly Away (4:50)

TPT – 54:18