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2013 electronic album by classy Canadian act with the melodic ethereal / rhythmical styles of ENIGMA, AMETHYSTIUM, DEEP FOREST or Schiller!

With the creator/brainchild of DELERIUM Bill Leeb (FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY / SKINNY PUPPY) at the helm, the Vancouver-based electronic outfit - which includes collaborators: Rhys Fulber, Jared Slingerland and Jeremy Inkel - fuses Ambient and Cinematic production with soaring vocals courtesy of a myriad of guests. As a result, this electronic, synth and rhythmic driven Opera comes to life vividly and vibrantly.
‘Music Box Opera’ is more of an electronic record than a world music record. It's ethereal, but there's a little bit of pop in there too. DELERIUM try to intertwine and merge those two strands and the singers really act as their bonding agent. The last DELERIUM album was darker and worldly and previous albums have featured acoustic guitars and real drummers, but for ‘Music Box Opera’ they really went for the electronic vibe and stuck to it.
With lead single: ‘Monarch’, Bill Leeb enlists the talents of two friends – Rhys Fulber and vocalist Nadina, who lends her voice in her native tongue of Arabic.
As a member of industrial rock outfits SKINNY PUPPY and FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY, Leeb has sold over 3 million units worldwide and over a million albums in North America with DELERIUM.
It has been over 6 years since their last album, so this one is highly anticipated!

‘Music Box Opera’ is released on 25th February 2013.


01. Consciousness Of Love
02. Monarch
03. Days Turn Into Nights
04. Chrysalis Heart
05. Light Your Light
06. Raindown
07. Sky {Tears From Heaven}
08. Hammer
09. Awakening
10. Frostbite
11. Keyless Door
12. Music Box Opera
13. Stargazing * UK Edition Bonus Track *
14. Days Turn Into Nights [Seven Lions remix] * UK Edition Bonus Track *