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Heavily influenced by the greats of melodic Synth/Prog music, these cosmic keyboards and guitars sounds like a celestial symphony orchestra and choir!

It’s 2009, and after a break of way too long (9 years) taking care of other issues of life, Char-El (Charles Thaxton) the US born keyboardist/guitarist composer has released a 3rd CD entitled: ‘Resurrection’.
If you are into any of the following big names in symphonic crossover Progressive / Synth music, you’re going to love this album.
Try to imagine Nick Magnus and Gandalf jamming with Vangelis and David Arkenstone and you'll get an idea of what this album sounds like, and when we tell you that he uses sound form the Mike Pinder (MOODY BLUES) Mellotron Archives, that’ll strengthen the case!
It is like the ‘Earth’ half of the ‘Heaven & Earth’ album from 2000 (a big seller at the time), with big symphonic progressive synth-based themes with huge, lush arrangements of strong and powerful melodic themes, with plenty of Mellotron sounds, heavenly choirs and guitars involved. The album contains 19 tracks of pure escapism spread over a lengthy 79 minutes worth of magical grandiose instrumental Synth / Prog crossover music!


01. Cry Of The Spirit (3:52)
02. Ancient Temple (3:29)
03. There’s A Better Place [For You & Me] (5:40)
04. Renewal (3:53)
05. Reunion-Part 1 (3:47)
06. Where Dreams Come True (4:08)
07. Dawn Over Atlantis (5:12)
08. For Distant Friends (4:48)
09. Inner Light (6:15)
10. Awakening (4:54)
11. Only Love (3:25)
12. Myths Of Ancient Realms (3:28)
13. Pathways Of Light (2:47)
14. Star Dancing (4:30)
15. Astral Flight (3:30)
16. The Truth Will Set You Free (4:50)
17. Reunion-Part 2 (3:28)
18. Remembering (4:58)
19. True Love’s Light (2:53)

TPT – 79:50