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Melodic synths & guitars form the core on this instrumental music that slickly crosses the Electronic & Prog genres – TANGERINE DREAM meets PINK FLOYD!

CODE INDIGO is regarded as one of Europe's premiere electronic music bands and with ‘MELTdown’, they've delivered an aptly named follow up to the 2007 release ‘Chill’ and it has already been described as: “A majestic tour de force”.

Helmed by veteran UK synth maestro David Wright, co founder and sole survivor from the original 1994 line-up, and producer Dave Massey, the new look CODE INDIGO continues its own tradition of producing imaginative and thematic keyboard/guitar based chill-out music.
While comparisons have been made with instrumental PINK FLOYD and ART OF NOISE, the CODE INDIGO sound and style remains totally original, unique and above all, contemporary!
‘MELTdown’ is an epic, concept style musical journey, beautifully conceived and highly evocative and cleverly pays homage to all their previous albums while remaining inventive and original.
It is moody and topical electronica featuring some of the most atmospheric and thought provoking chill out style electronica you're likely to hear anywhere.

Having had a complete run-through of the album (in the car!) I can tell you that CODE INDIGO fans – as with David Wright fans – will not be disappointed by the music on ‘MELTdown’. It definitely is majestic, full of great melodic hooks and ear-catching electric guitar licks, and there are some really groovy flowing passages that are just a joy to take in as you drive on your personal journey to where-ever. CODE INDIGO really take grab that middle ground between instrumental Prog and Synth music, chill it down a bit, and work it into a real crowd-pleasing trip that fans of both genres will find appealing. The flow is occasionally broken by the odd bit of sampled dialogue, just to cement what the theme of the track is in the absence of any lyrics.

The full CODE INDIGO line-up is: David Wright (keyboards), Dave ‘DJ’ Bedford (guitar), Dave Massey (rhythm prog), Nigel Turner-Heffer (guitar / keyboards) and Neil Fellowes (keyboards).


01. Welcome To The Asylum (5:01)
02. Meltdown (4:48)
03. City Of Fools (1:59)
04. Costing The Earth (3:28)
05. Eco-Nomic (4:31)
06. Information Cascade (6:12)
07. Keep Taking The Pills (8:25)
08. Black Gold (2:03)
09. ID Code (9:00)
10. Carbon (2:52)
11. In the Dark (5:30)
12. Men Who Crashed The World (7:34)
13. Bail Out (3:58)
14. Bankers In Wonderland (3:56)
15. Greed In The Bubble (3:22)
16. Bonus Culture (3:22)

TPT - 76:06