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Product Format: 2CD               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: £9.16 (exc) £10.99 (inc)


2-Discs of highlights & more from the ‘Timeless Flight’ 17 Disc Box Set – the most exhaustive, career spanning retrospective from the MOODIES ever!

2 Remastered CD’s featuring key album tracks, Previously Unreleased Mixes, Out-Takes and Live tracks, all – more-or-less – taken from the all-singing, all-dancing 17-Disc Boxed Set, BUT, like the accompanying 4-Disc “Abridged” set, there are tracks on this edition that do NOT seem to be on the Boxed Set!

EXTRA TRACKS: Although it has not been brought to our attention by the record company, after doing a like-for-like cross-reference job on the track lists the label are showing for all the editions of ‘Timeless Flight’, we have discovered a few tracks (tagged **) listed on the “Abridged” versions that do NOT appear to be the Boxed Set track listing! These of course could all be errors in the original track lists (we won’t know 100% until the finished product stocks arrive), but these look like they are indeed added “incentives” (or should we say ”fan milkers”) to make you go for the “Abridged” versions of ‘Timeless Flight’ as well as the Box?!

There are also tracks listed on this 2CD (tagged *) that ARE on the Boxed Set, but appear on the 2CD with bracketed descriptions that could ambiguously indicate that these might be different versions (mixes / edits etc.,) to those on the Boxed Set, but our gut instinct tells us that these ARE probably the same as tracks that are on the Boxed Set, but the bracketed descriptions have been omitted on the Box track list for some reason – possibly different people entering the information data?

Further confusion is added when you discover different tracks on the Boxed Set track listing that DO have similarly bracketed descriptions, but these do NOT appear with the bracketed descriptions on the “abridged” edition - probably for the same reasons as above.

We may be wrong, but that is our considered opinion at this stage, and again, we will not know 100% until we see the finished products.

‘Timeless Flight’ is also available as a 17-Disc Set - Stock # 1601888
‘Timeless Flight’ is also available as a 4CD Set – Stock # 1614206

‘Timeless Flight’ 2CD Version is released on 3rd June 2013.


CD 1:
01. Tuesday Afternoon
02. Nights in White Satin
03. Departure
04. Ride My See-Saw
05. The Actor [full version] *
06. Legend Of A Mind
07. A Simple Game
08. Never Comes The Day
09. Are You Sitting Comfortably
10. The Dream
11. Have You Heard - Part One
12. The Voyage
13. Have You Heard - Part Two [full version]
14. Gypsy
15. Eternity Road [Tony Clarke mix] *
16. Watching And Waiting
17. Question [full version]
18. Don't You Feel Small [original mix]
19. Dawning Is The Day
20. The Story In Your Eyes

CD 2:
01. I'm Just A Singer {In A Rock And Roll Band}
02. New Horizons
03. Isn't Life Strange [original full version]
04. Blue Guitar [BLUE JAYS - Justin Hayward & John Lodge]
05. Driftwood [full version] *
06. The Day We Meet Again
07. Forever Autumn [JUSTIN HAYWARD]
08. The Voice [full version with the New World Philharmonic Orchestra] **
09. Veteran Cosmic Rocker
10. Blue World
11. Stepping In A Slide Zone [live at The Forum 1983] **
12. The Other Side Of Life [single version] *
13. Your Wildest Dreams [single edit version] *
14. I Know You're Out There Somewhere [single edit version] **
15. Lean On Me {Tonight}
16. English Sunset