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Product Format: DVD               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: Normally £9.99 Currently £6.66 (exc) £7.99 (inc)


A 2013 mid-price re-issue of a DVD originally issued in 2005 by a guitarist best known for his ground-breaking sound as part of the legendary Progressive-Rock group YES!

Steve Howe is widely recognised as one of the greatest guitar players ever!
He has played with some of the industry’s biggest names and at some of the world’s most prestigious venues over a career spanning half century, during which he was voted “Best Overall Guitarist” for five consecutive years.

This superb ‘live’ DVD comes in a Deluxe Digi-Pak and includes an intimate feature length concert filmed at the Newcastle Opera House during his 2004 European Tour, plus an Extensive Bonus Feature: ‘Steve Howe Acoustic’ - a superb and poignant solo acoustic set from Steve that includes excepts from: ‘The Ancient’, ‘J’s Theme’, ‘Mood For A Day’, ‘Second Initial’, ‘To Be Over’, ‘Intersection Blues’ and ‘The Clap’.

The Remedy band line-up is: Steve Howe (guitars / vocals), Ray Fenwick (guitar), Virgil Howe (keyboards), Derrick Taylor (bass) and Dylan Howe (drums).

‘Remedy Live’ is released on 22nd July 2013.


01. Small Acts Of Human Kindness
02. Sensitive Chaos
03. Country Viper
04. Diary Of A Man Who Vanished
05. Across The Cobblestone
06. America / Southern Solo
07. Nature Of The Sea
08. Where I Belong
09. Pennants
10. Excerpt From ‘Close To The Edge’
11. So Bad
12. Lost Symphony
13. While Rome’s Burning
14. Raga / My White Bicycle
15. Wurm
16. Steve Howe Acoustic * Bonus Feature *