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Product Format: DVD               ** Regular Stock Item **

Price: Normally £9.99 Currently £5.75 (exc) £6.90 (inc)


A 2013 mid-price re-issue DVD of this excellent documentary and concert performance from the 70’s featuring the original line-up of the band and containing Bonus Features!

Originally issued in 2001, this documentary was recorded in 1977 and was a rare film that was initially produced for a cinema release, and it’s a unique insight to life on the road during BJH’s most successful period.
The DVD also includes rare interviews with the band, backstage footage and pre-concert sound checks.

BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST was formed in the summer of 1967. From the very outset the band pioneered and experimented with new forms, going beyond the traditional guitar, bass and drums format to include woodwind, strings and brass, then acquiring a Mellotron to simulate the sound of an orchestra.
Throughout the 70’s the band continued to develop chart-topping albums and were capable of filling stadiums and arenas throughout Europe.
This DVD captures the band at various points during their career and is a spectacular insight into their most successful formulas.

The DVD comes in a Deluxe Digi-Pak and contains Exclusive Bonus Features comprising of tracks recorded at a Drury Lane Concert in 1974 – with rare and previously unreleased footage featuring the original BJH line up of: Wooly Wolstenholme (Mellotron / keyboards / guitar / vocals), John Lees (vocals / 1st guitar), Les Holroyd (bass / guitar / vocals / keyboards) and Mel Pritchard (drums / percussion), the same as on the main feature.

Caught ‘Live’ is released on 22nd July, 2013.


01. Child Of The Universe
02. Rock ‘N’ Roll Star
03. Hard Hearted Woman
04. Suicide?
05. Mocking Bird
06. Polk Street Rag
07. Hymn
08. Crazy City * Bonus Feature *
09. For No One * Bonus Feature *
10. Mocking Bird * Bonus Feature *
11. Great 1974 Mining Disaster * Bonus Feature *