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Product Format: DVD               ** Regular Stock Item **

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This 2012 concert at the ufaFabrik was the first performance by Manuel Göttsching, Harald Grosskopf & Steve Baltes as ASHRA in Berlin for 12 years!

Captured in all its glory, it is a high quality video of the full concert performance of the legendary ASHRA LP ‘Correlations’.
‘Correlations’ needs no introduction - Produced by Göttsching in collaboration with the renowned music producer Mick Glossop, and recorded at the Panne-Paulsen-Studio, Frankfurt - Virgin Records released it to great acclaim in 1978.
Still regarded as a landmark classic album, this superb concert by ASHRA is a fitting testimony to both the albums' longevity and its legacy.
In addition to the concert there is bonus footage of interviews and the sound check.

The DVD comes in Digi style packaging and is Region 0/NTSC format with running time of over two hours.

The line-up is: Manuel Göttsching (guitar / keyboards), Harald Grosskopf (drums) and Steve Baltes (electronics).

‘Correlations Live DVD’ is released on 2nd September 2013.


01. Ice Train
02. Flying Turtles
03. Morgana Da Cappo
04. Kazod
05. Pas De Trois
06. Phantasus
07. Kongo Bongo
08. Oasis
09. Club Cannibal
10. Don't Trust The Kids / Blackouts
11. Midnight On Mars
12. Interviews * Bonus Material *
13. Sound Check * Bonus Material *

TPT – 129.00