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About Our On-Line Store

Our off-line home database holds in excess of 950,000 entries (CD's, SACD's, DVD's, DVD-A's, Blu-ray's and Vinyl LP's).  Only certain parts of the entire database are featured in the "on-line" store at any one time, but it is a constantly expanding entity.

A diverse range of 'Specialist' Music Genre Categories (or departments) are incorporated into our store.  Each Category features a selected range of titles from our home database, and this is also separated into Sub-Sections that allow the customer to browse the Category in different ways, by accessing either the entire 'Category' list itself, or 'Featured Artists & Bands', 'Featured Classics', 'Feature Labels' and 'Top Sellers' from within it.  Customers can also access all the related 'New & Recent Releases', 'Rarities' and 'Special Offers' in each Category from buttons on our Store-front (Home-Page), or at the top of most of our database pages.  There is also a button located there to guide customers down into the depths of our 'Bargain Basement', where our 'Sale' and 'Overstocks' bins can be explored and hopefully turn up some fantastic bargains at cheapo prices!

If a customer is looking for something specific, a search can be run from anywhere within the store, using Artist, Band, Title, StyleGenre or even Stock-Number (if known) as search criteria.  A few Search Tips are available via the "i" button to the right of the Search Data Box.

Listed below are all the 'Specialist' Category departments in our 'on-line' store, together with an approximate quantity of titles each of the categories in our home database contains.  Our main 'Specialist' departments, i.e. the ones we are considered to be most knowledgeable in and carry most stock of, are in the first section.

We also carry stock of some titles in secondary 'Specialist' Category departments; however, we're not going to pretend that we know all that there is to know about them – we don't!  Some of these departments were created with just a reasonable level of knowledge of the genre on our part.  They were opened because many of our clients discovered that, via the vast range of worldwide contacts and suppliers we have built up over 25 years in this business, we could quite easily supply them with music in areas other than the categories we "specialised" in.  Many of the albums listed in these departments tend to reflect the personal tastes of the customers that instigated it all.  Like us, these people are well versed in their chosen 'specialist' music areas - They know exactly what they want, and use us to supply it to them.  We consider this a compliment to our services, and are quite prepared to be guided by their superior knowledge.

The GENERAL ROCK & POP department takes up a large portion of our 950,000+ off-line home database entries, and covers a wide spectrum of categories not featured in the more 'Specialist' areas we deal in.  To give you an impression of how the 'Specialist' areas pan-out in our database, here is an approximate breakdown of the departments:

AMBIENT / ELECTRONIC (in excess of 5,000 titles in our home database), CANTERBURY MUSIC (in excess of 700 titles in our home database), EURO / KRAUT-ROCK (in excess of 2,500 titles in our home database), GUITAR INSTRUMENTAL (in excess of 2,000 titles in our home database), JAZZ-ROCK / FUSION (in excess of 500 titles in our home database), OLDIES (in excess of 70,000 titles in our home database), PROGRESSIVE / SYMPHONIC-ROCK (in excess of 12,000 titles in our home database), PSYCHEDELIC / SPACE-ROCK (in excess of 2,700 titles in our home database), ROCK / HEAVY METAL (in excess of 77,000 titles in our home database) and SYNTHESIZER / NEW AGE (in excess of 10,500 titles in our home database).

The secondary 'specialist' departments are as follows:

BLUES / BLUES-ROCK (in excess of 15,000 titles in our home database), CLASSICAL MUSIC (in excess of 75,0000 titles in our home database – As yet, no open department to shop in, but we can supply all your needs if required), FOLK / FOLK-ROCK (in excess of 20,000 titles in our home database), INDUSTRIAL (in excess of 5,000 titles in our home database), JAZZ (in excess of 73,500 titles in our home database - Please note: JAZZ-ROCK is closer to us than straight Jazz, so, many of these titles also cross-over into the major Progressive & Rock departments above) and WORLD MUSIC (in excess of 25,000 titles in our home database).

As mentioned above, the CD Services BARGAIN BASEMENT is an extremely popular area of the store that almost solely concentrates on actual stock that is reduced in price to clear.  It covers all genres, taking in titles from all our 'Specialist' departments, as well as the 'General Rock & Pop' area.  Stock levels vary on a daily basis, but it is normally in excess of 500 titles across the various departments at any one time.

We also have a RARITIES section, and here you can find often long deleted, sought after items.  These titles are generally restricted to very small quantities of stock.  The prices here are often higher than when the items were originally issued, but why pay huge sums of money in a bidding war on EBay when you can just "Buy It Now" at CD Services?

As described above, many of the titles in our 'Specialist' departments feature Sub-Categories with additional information and extensive, in-depth reviews.  Where possible we try to provide a window into U-Tube (and similar) where samples of the new music are available to listen to.

We believe the level of detailed information that we give on these titles is second to none, and we firmly believe these acts all have the potential to become "big names" of the future, and indeed many of our past "Featured Artists" that started out as total unknowns, have gone on to become firm CDS customer favourites, and in some cases, "world famous" names in the music industry - PORCUPINE TREE and GLASS HAMMER are just two of our past triumphs from the Progressive Rock Category.

Many titles just list: Artist, Title, Stock-Number & Price, but we often try to include a Style or a known name Artist or Band as a reference / comparison to help our customers get a more accurate idea of exactly where the title lies in musical terms.  This feature is extremely helpful to customers when we are promoting new and up-and-coming artists and bands.

While we do endeavour to maintain an accurate database, it is not possible for us to keep everything up-to-date for all of the time, and as such, certain inaccuracies and errors can occur.  Please treat any data we publish as a guideline, and if there is any doubt about the validity of what you read, or you need further clarification of any item details, please don't hesitate to contact us on: info@cd-services.com and we will do our best to help.

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