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CDS Customer ID Numbers (& Registered Customer Information)

CDS CUSTOMER ACCOUNT ID NUMBERS MAKE ORDERING FAST, SAFE & SIMPLE!  A Customer Account ID Number is automatically generated for you on our off-line server when your first order with CDS is received.  This number must be Noted & Stored Safely the moment it is presented to you with your first delivery, because this is YOUR UNIQUE CDS ID NUMBER and it makes communicating with CDS very easy, and future ordering (by any method) a breeze, especially if you are a Fully Registered Customer.

One major benefit to becoming a Fully Registered CDS Customer is the fact that ANY ORDERS YOU PLACE WITH CDS ARE NOT CHARGED TO YOUR CREDIT CARD UNTIL THE DAY THE GOODS ARE SHIPPED TO YOU!

You become a Fully Registered Customer when your payment details are held in the CDS off-line system, and as such there is no need to repeat Address & Payment information when placing an on-line order, or indeed any other order type with CDS.  If you would like to join the vast majority of our existing customers and become a Fully Registered Customer, simply phone us on: 01382 776595 after you have received your first order (please retain the package address label - Your CDS ID Number is located there on the bottom right corner in brackets) and quote your CDS ID Number, Name & Postal/Area Code to our assistant.  Once your details are located in the system you can then instruct us to add (or update) your payment details accordingly.  If you so wish, there are alternative ways you can do this - just email us at: info@cd-services.com and we will send you a list of optional account updating methods, but we always advise the personal route as being the best.

Once you are Fully Registered, any future orders you make, either on-line, or on the telephone, or in response to one of our e-mail-out promotions, will be very fast and easy because you order using your Customer ID Number.  For on-line orders, providing none of your personal details have changed since your last order, all you have to do once your items are in the cart is: select the appropriate fast-track 'CDS Customer Number' option from the 'Preferred Payment Method' drop-down box in the Checkout area, then give the briefest amount of personal details, i.e. Name, Customer ID Number, Post/Area Code & Email Address, and that's it - Simple as that!

If any parts of your customer details have changed since you last made a purchase order from CDS, it is your responsibility to update the relevant details, by completing all the necessary parts of the on-line form when placing a new order.  You should also add a line of text into the 'Any Comments / Special Instructions?' box in the Checkout to indicate you are using a new address.  CD Services cannot be held responsible for delivering to an old address if the customer has moved house and not informed us by updating their details accordingly.

On-line orders are automatically confirmed by e-mail as soon as they are received.  These will display only the details as given on that particular order, and not those that are stored in the CD Services customer database.
PLEASE NOTE: We only deliver to addresses matching the Customer ID Number in our system.

All our customer details are stored on an 'off-line' system that is totally isolated from any outside source, and therefore secure from any Internet threats.  If you should forget or lose your Customer ID Number at any time, you can request this information by contacting us on the telephone, or via Email using: onlinesubs@cd-services.com, but you will be required to answer some questions and supply your full contact details and email address.  Depending on the circumstances, the relevant information will be supplied either by Email or by Post.

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