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CD Services Pricing, Payment Methods, Shipping, V.A.T. & Returns Policies

PRICING: Our products are offered at Prices we consider to be reasonably competitive, reflecting the level of services we provide.
We often offer Special Pre-Order Prices on New Release Titles, but these normally revert to Normal Price not that long after release date.  Special Offer Prices on normal Catalogue Items remain in place as long as we can hold them, but they can revert to Normal Price at any time.  If still available, ‘Bargain Basement’ titles return to the normal Catalogue Item pages and revert to Normal Price when the current “sale” stock has been sold.

As supplier costs can vary without notice, we must reserve the right to change our prices without prior notice.  If this affects any part of an order already in the system, we normally contact the customer to offer the option of changing or cancelling the order accordingly.

PAYMENT METHODS: We accept most CREDIT & DEBIT CARDS (VISA, MASTERCARD, SWITCH / MAESTRO, AMERICAN EXPRESS etc.)  We also accept payment via PAYPAL.  If not already a member, you can sign-up to PAYPAL at: http://www.paypal.com/

Some customers still prefer to pay using CHEQUE, POSTAL & MONEY ORDERS.  Items ordered this way should be reserved and confirmed prior to any money being sent to: CD Services, 40 / 42 Brantwood Avenue, Dundee DD3 6EW.  We have incorporated a 'Cheque / Postal Order / Money Order' option in the Checkout's 'Preferred Payment Method' drop-down list, for users still preferring this method of payment.

IMPORTANT: Unlike most other 'on-line' retailers, WE DO NOT CHARGE OUR REGISTERED CUSTOMERS CREDIT CARDS UNTIL THEIR GOODS ARE READY TO SHIP.  This means that our customers are not paying in advance for items that might be temporarily out of stock, or an up-and-coming new release.  For us to operate this Payment System customers must have their payment details registered on their CDS Account.  These are located on our 'off-line' server and therefore secure from any Internet threats.  First-time and returning customers using the on board Secure Trading payment system will be charged at the point of placing an order.  There is nothing we can do about that as we do not have access to the payment details at that stage and therefore are not in full control of the payment process.  However, once customers have Fully Registered with CDS, we can then control when their Credit Cards are charged, so payment is delayed until the goods are ready to be shipped.

VAT: All goods (except Books) are subject to 20% VAT (UK Purchase Tax).  Each item in our on-line store displays the price with (inc) and without (exc) VAT.  Customers living outside of the EU (European Union) are not charged the VAT element of the goods value in any order.  This deduction in your bill helps compensate for the higher postage costs normally associated with goods shipping outside of the UK.        Customers ordering from countries that are NOT part of the European Union must select either: 'Channel Islands', 'Europe [Non-EU]' or 'Rest Of The World' options on the 'Checkout - Select Location' page early in the checkout procedure.  This will enable our store systems to calculate and deduct the VAT for you.  For the avoidance of doubt, for European customers, a list of Non-EU countries will display when the pointer hovers over any of the options in the 'Shipping Location' drop-down menu.

DELIVERY TIMES: Delivery times vary from a straight 24 hours (UK only) to 2 - 4 weeks, depending on availability of stock.               Please allow 14 days before making enquiries about the status of an order, and again, please remember: IF YOU ARE A FULLY REGISTERED CUSTOMER, YOUR CREDIT CARD WILL NOT HAVE BEEN CHARGED IN ADVANCE.  If your order was a Pre-Paid one, and longer than normal delays are anticipated with any back-ordered items (i.e. certain Imports etc.), we will email you with an updated ETA and request clarification that you are happy to wait until the new stock arrives.  In circumstance like that we are always happier that the order type has been a Customer Number style transaction as opposed to a pre-paid one, hence one of the major advantages of being a fully Registered Customer. 

SHIPPING METHODS:  UK inland items are shipped via Royal Mail 1st Class Post, unless otherwise requested by the customer. Other requested shipping services can be accommodated, but there will be extra costs added to your total bill prior to shipping.

RETURNS: We will only accept returns that have been previously authorised by CD Services.  If you receive goods from us in error, or goods that are genuinely faulty, please contact us for a return authorization using email: returns@cd-services.com or by telephone / fax on: 01382 776595.  As the little used fax service now shares one of our telephone lines, please give us a quick phone call prior to sending your fax. Unauthorized returns may be returned to sender.

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