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CD Services - The Company

CD Services is a well-established mail order company that was originally set-up in 1986 and now services a large, constantly expanding list of satisfied customers throughout the world... But it's not just Compact Discs we offer!!!

CD Services was primarily set up to help customers source and replace their Vinyl LP collections when the Compact Disc format first arrived in the early 1980's - A time when it was not always easy to find the titles you really wanted on the new CD format.  Over the years we have gradually expanded the range of formats we offer, with DVD and Blu-ray discs now also high on our sales roster, plus, contrary to what we were doing when CDS first opened for business, we are now supplying High Quality Heavyweight Vinyl LP's to an ever expanding market that believes the sound from Vinyl is still the best!  All this goes to prove that in an age where downloads would seem to have taken over the world, there is still a vast market out there for the "physical" sound and video carriers!     

We have every confidence in our ability to offer a reliable door-to-door delivery service, with the least amount of fuss.  We take pride in the knowledge that we can offer our customers all the benefits of our vast knowledge and experience in the 'Specialist' and 'General' areas of the music retail business.

As well as being well known for our ability to source and supply harder-to-find product, we are also held in high regard by our customers when it comes to introducing and promoting new talent, because as well as offering thousands of titles (UK & Import) by established, well-known musicians, we also spend a lot of our time promoting music by exciting new up-and-coming musicians and bands.  In the early years of CDS this was achieved solely via our own 'Specialist' catalogues, followed by our initial venture on to the Web with our first on-line store in 2004.
Also back in 2004 we started our now renowned email marketing services, which became one our most successful promotional methods ever!

Having evaluated our experiences with all of these past promotional tools, in 2012 we have launched this, our brand new on-line store, designed to be even more informative and easier to navigate than the previous one was, plus we now have our own simple shopping cart system, with several payment options for new and existing customers, including one with maximum security for customers paying on-line. 

In the new CD Services on-line store you will find our 'General' and 'Specialist' departments housed under one roof, with New & Recent Releases, Special Offers, Rarities and additions to each of our Specialist Departments and the Bargain Basement being uploaded every day.