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Our Blues / Blues-Rock department contains a variety of recordings selected from our main home database, which holds in excess of 15,000 'Blues' and related titles available worldwide.

First and foremost, although we're NOT 'Blues' experts by any stretch of the imagination, but we have created a separate 'Blues / Blues-Rock' department so that our customers who are fans can browse directly through the 'genre' instead of having to trawl through a 'General' department to find them.  The department is primarily based on the more rock-based titles that we personally tend to favour, plus titles that our "real" 'Blues' experts - i.e. our customers - have purchased from us in the past, and seem to continue to do so. 

Although we may enjoy hearing some of the albums that pass though the warehouse, none of the CD Services staff are what you would call traditional 'Blues' fans, however, we know what we like and we feature as much of that as we can.  We are always happy to recommend anything from artists we're familiar with; everything from Cream and Robin Trower through to Joe Bonamassa, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Southern Gentlemen to name a few, or others in a similar vein.

When it comes to real traditional 'Blues', we're familiar with most of the big name acts, and some of us have had a few things in our own collections by the likes of Robert Johnson, Hubert Sumlin and earliest Fleetwood Mac, a band we tend to class in the 'Blues' bracket too.  However, when it comes to the vast range of acoustic blues, soul-influenced and mellow areas of the genre, we confess to having very limited knowledge, but that's no reason not to feature them here - and all the more reason why you should ask us for anything you don't see listed!

Like most of the other CD Services 'Specialist' departments, some of the titles in the Blues / Blues-Rock category have a certain element of "crossover" with other categories in the store, and here there are crossovers with the Rock / Heavy Metal, Guitar Instrumental, General Rock & Pop and Oldies categories. 

Blues / Blues Rock