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(Incorporating Contemporary Music)

Our Euro / Kraut-Rock department covers a variety of recordings selected from our main home database of over 2,500 titles in that genre available worldwide.  We've listed a selection material from it that draws from where it all began back in the early 1970's, a time when 'Kraut-Rock' bands like Amon Duul II, Ashra Tempel, Can, Cluster, Grobschnitt, Guru Guru and others started to release and sell lots of albums. 

Parallel to this ran the 'Euro-Rock' genre, mainly French in origin, with bands such as Gong, Heldon, Pulsar and Shylock leading the field - much of their music derived from lengthy guitar, bass & drums jams, through electronics/guitar improvisations to Prog Fusion - and you'll find plenty of that in this department too.

This genre was granted a whole new lease of life in the 90's, leading to a new explosion of (chiefly) American based bands and labels furthering the pioneering spirit and originality of the genre that was born in the 70's.  Now, labels such as Kranky, Noise Factory and the UK based outfit Ochre, plus groups such as Circle, Subarachnoid Space, Land Of Nod and Escapade (to name but a few) are now playing fantastic music that is so much in the spirit of what has gone before - and further stretching the boundaries once again.

Like most of the other CD Services 'Specialist' departments, some of the titles in the Euro / Kraut-Rock category have a certain element of "crossover" with other categories in the store, and here there are crossovers with the Canterbury Music, Progressive / Symphonic-RockJazz-Rock / Fusion, Psychedelic / Space-Rock, Synthesizer / New Age and Oldies categories. 

Euro / Kraut-Rock / Contemporary