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Features Information


These areas in each department are designed to showcase the talents of a particularly worthy, little known Artist / Band or pioneering Label, and help focus the attention of the masses on to their music.

Our marketing strategies provide detailed, accurate and entertaining reviews of as many titles from the “Featured” source as possible, making these products readily available to buy from our on-line store.

Past features have opened up an endless line of new opportunities for the musicians and labels concerned, and the benefits our proven track record in marketing new talent brings greater things to all concerned, including you, the music fan, because you’ll be enjoying some fantastic new music that you otherwise might never have encountered.


For this area in each department we select a particularly outstanding title from the past that either has an exceptionally consistent sales history at CDS, or one that we feel is particularly worthy of bringing to our customers attention once more, due to the outstanding quality of the music.  Again we do this by providing you with a detailed, accurate and entertaining reviews of the title concerned, and have it readily available to order via our on-line store.