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(Incorporating Stoner-Rock)

Over the past decade or two Psychedelic / Space-Rock has been one of our top three music genres.  Drawing from our main home database of over 2,700 titles available in the genre, we offer a fantastic range of top quality titles sourced from everywhere in the known universe! 

For us it all started with Hawkwind, Pink Fairies and to a certain extent Pink Floyd and Eloy!  From there it went on through a feast of 'Acid Rock', extended psychedelic guitar jamming and 'Space Rock'.

The 90's has spawned a veritable explosion of styles and artists, including the new wave of American 'Space Rock' (F/i, Quarkspace, Born To Go, Pressurhed, Mazinga Phaser etc.,), 'Stoner Rock' (Orange Goblin, Solarized, Fu Manchu & Nebula) and the Swedish 'Space Rock'/'Psych Rock' fraternity led by bands like Darxtar and the spiritual sons of Gong... Ozric Tentacles, Melting Euphoria, Tribe Of Cro, Great Imperial Yoyo, etc.  In the vein of classic Hawkwind, we've seen the rise of UK 'Space Rock' (Bedouin, Krel, Spacehead) and the continuing story of Hawkwind, a band (and it's various off-shoots) that's still a leader in the 'Space-Rock' field and continuing to make its mark in this new millennium, alongside many USA/German jamming bands coming in from the other side.

In their earlier years Porcupine Tree were undoubtedly a major UK success story in the category of music - Now they crossover into the 'Progressive' and 'Rock' field, but they were (and still are) a huge seller for us and we like to think we have played our small part in the certain mainstream success that came to this amazing band. 

No matter the style, band or indie label it is in this field, we have been leaders in this genre and can still be relied upon to fulfil all your needs.

Like most of the other CD Services 'Specialist' departments, some of the titles in the Psychedelic / Space-Rock category have a certain element of "crossover" with other categories in the store, and here there are crossovers with the Ambient / Electronic, Canterbury MusicEuro / Industrial, Kraut-Rock, Progressive / Symphonic-Rock, Rock / Heavy Metal and Oldies categories.

Psychedelic / Space-Rock