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Shop Search Function Tips

While we endeavour to make searching on our site as straight forward and accurate as possible, because of the different ways data is input and displayed we have had to make some compromises in the way search results are ordered.  To help you get the fastest and most accurate results, there are some "golden rules" you can use to locate individual artists and bands quickly...

STOCK NUMBERS: If you know the Stock-Number of an item that we have promoted via an Email or Catalogue-Listing, Copy & Paste or Key that number into the search box, and that one item will be retrieved on it's own. 
Occasionally, in the case where there are several different format releases for one album, using the stock-number allocated to just one of the formats will retrieve all of the other formats as well.  This is helpful to you when there is a choice of formats, and will aid you into making the most informed choice that will suit your requirements best. 

INDIVIDUAL ARTIST - Tip 1:  Although individual Names are registered in the database with the Surname first, then a comma then a gap and then the Christian Name (e.g. ANDERSON, JON).
Typing the name the normal way (JON ANDERSON) will get fast, accurate results, although it will not display any products where the Surname is part of a Band Name (e.g. ANDERSON/BRUFORD/WAKEMAN/HOWE).

INDIVIDUAL ARTIST - Tip 2:  When searching an individual Artist's Name, try using just the Surname only
This will display (in good order) all the entries using that name, but the list may be a lot longer. 
For example, to search for JON ANDERSON try just: ANDERSON in the Search Box - This will retrieve all Products by JON ANDERSON (displayed as ANDERSON, JON), although any other artists with that Surname and a Christian name that starts earlier in the alphabet will display before JON's database entries - e.g. IAN ANDERSON will display first.  Then other Products with the ANDERSON name in the Artist or Product Title fields will be retrieved, followed by any product where the ANDERSON keyword is mentioned in a Review, or used as Comparison within another artist's work.

BAND NAME - Tip 1: Avoid the use of comas in names like EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER or EARTH, WIND & FIRE.  Search for these using just the words themselves, or the first part on the band name.
In the case of ELP, use either EMERSON or EMERSON LAKE or EMERSON LAKE & PALMER - The returned lists will vary in length, but all will give an accurate return.

BAND NAME - Tip 2: Avoid the use of AND or & in names like KELLER & SCHONWALDER or ZAGER AND EVANS
Search for these using just the names themselves, or the first part on the first word in the name.
In the case of KELLER & SCHONWALDER, use either KELLER or KELLER SCHONWALDER - The former will return KELLER & SCHONWALDER first, then variations of the names after that.  The later will also retrieve KELLER & SCHONWALDER, but after any other variations where a name is earlier alphabetically - e.g. BROEKHUIS/KELLER/SCHONWALDER.