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For over thirty years Tangerine Dream have dominated the ?Synthesizer Music? scene worldwide! Starting life off as a psychedelic guitar-driven band with founding members, Edgar Froese, Klaus Schulze and Conrad Schnitzler, they then changed direction with the addition of two new members, Steve Schroyder and Christopher Franke, to play more cosmic, spacey synthesizer-based compositions. Releasing albums that featured long tracks, it was groundbreaking music that quickly caught the ear of UK Disc Jockey John Peel and Virgin Records boss Richard Branson.

With the exit of Schroyder and the addition of new guy Peter Baumann, they recorded the legendary and groundbreaking album ?Phaedra? for Virgin Records, with a montage of Mellotrons and sequencers amid layers of synthesizer layers, melodies and effects that would characterise the group?s sound throughout the seventies. Several soundtracks and many new albums followed, as did several more line-up changes, but the sequencer-driven, spacey, synthesizer music of Tangerine Dream has always been at the forefront, commercially and musically, of the electronic music world, and remains there to this day.

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