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Our 'World Music' department contains a small variety of recordings selected from our main home database of over 25,000 titles available in the genre worldwide.  It is a style of music has become increasingly popular throughout the years - largely thanks to UK DJ's like Andy Kershaw and Bob Harris, but it is a style for which we at CDS only had a passing interest in the earlier days.

While our knowledge of the genre is still very limited, we are familiar with many of the 'bigger' named musicians like Black Uhuru (whose early work is still a source of great enjoyment and enthusiasm) and labels like Peter Gabriel's 'Realworld', but we have been trying to sample more and more of the names unknown to us in the genre, to aid us in expanding our department as diligently as we can. 

Two ideal examples of names we have championed in the past are: 'Ambient' / 'Dance' "crossover" Deep Forest, whose debut sold by the box load when it first appeared on import at CDS Towers, and Ry Cooder & U.M. Bhatt with their stunning 90's release: 'Meeting By The River'.

However, the field is wider than the Grand Canyon, and with the entire "world" at your feet, once again, we are happy to accept queries and requests, quote prices and availability, and hopefully help you purchase the titles you are looking for.

Like most of the other CD Services 'Specialist' departments, some of the titles in the 'World Music' category have a certain element of "crossover" with other categories in the store, and here there are crossovers with the Ambient / Electronic, Folk / Folk-Rock, General Rock & Pop, Synthesizer / New Age and Oldies categories. 

World Music