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Always a popular section in all the departments! It is also the most regularly updated area in the store, so you are best advised to come back as often as you can to catch new titles as they go on-line. If you are a member of our mailing list, you will more than likely be informed by Email when a pending new release by an Artist or Band you have previously ordered (or expressed an interest in) comes on-line. You will note that some 'New Release' titles have 'Limited Special Offer Prices' - These are not in the 'Special Offer' section because they are what we term as 'Limited Pre-Release Offers' and these will more than likely expire on the day of release or very soon after, when they will revert to either their normal price or a slightly lower than normal 'stock offer' price.

If possible, it is always advisable to pre-order a New Release and take advantage of the lower price, and if you a Registered Customer, it costs you nothing at that point, because you are not charged until the order ships to you on release day. Remember - If you don't find a New Release (or indeed any other title) you are looking for - ASK US FOR IT - the chances are we can come up with what you want fast, and at a good price!

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