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Jim Ottaway

Place of Birth: Queensland in Australia  

Jim Ottaway Shot [Profile Image].JPGJim Ottaway is an Australian composer, producer and studio performer of original melodic instrumental music covering many genres including: Space Ambient, Electronic, Dance, New Age and music for Film and Television.


The inspiration for Jim's music stems from his love of nature and his spiritual connection to the beautiful environment of the Gold Coast hinterland of Queensland, Australia.  His major musical influences include : TANGERINE DREAM, Edgar Froese, ENIGMA, Vangelis, PINK FLOYD, Johannes Schmoelling, Christopher Franke, CODE INDIGO, Gary Wright, RADIO MASSACRE INTERNATIONAL and Aussie artists: Christopher Buckman, Tony O'Connor and Lisa Gerrard have had on his music over the years.


Jim has been fortunate to work with a few big names in the music industry including Rick Fenn (10CC) who provided guitar solos on two of Jim's earlier tracks. He has also completed a project with international composer and author: Ted Ottley. Ted, along with Scottish pianist: Alan Park (BEGGAR'S OPERA/Cliff Richard) and Australian synthesist Christopher Buckman have provided Jim with invaluable advice and support over the last decade and more.


Jim has released 21 independent CD-R productions in his homeland of Australia... commencing with his 2004 debut release: ‘First Light’, a light relaxing Ambient album that became a big seller down-under and introduced his music to an enthusiastic audience that demanded more from this new name on the OZ EM block!

Jim ’s current range of albums available at CDS Towers includes 6 High Quality CD-R productions from the years 2006 – 2011, but as his music really came to the fore in 2013 his album: ‘Power’, a powerful electronic production, prompted a change to factory manufactured CD’s that has continued to the present day, and includes his 2015 release: ‘Invisible Vortex’ and 2016’s ‘Southern Cross’, both of which come beautifully finished in Digi-Paks. 


Since 2010 several of Jim's tracks have been chosen as finalists in various Australian music/song-writing awards.


Audio Samples of Jim’s albums are available in our Online Store at:


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