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Antoine Fafard

Place of Birth: Canada  

Antoine Fafard (150).JPGCanadian-born and now UK-based Antoine Fafard is probably best known to CDS Customers for his contributions to albums by the Canadian YES-influenced Progressive rock band MYSTERY, but he is also a prolific composer and player of his own brand of instrumental solo material that spans the Progressive Fusion and Jazz-Rock spectrum.


Antoine has been releasing original instrumental music for more than fifteen years. He actualises his musical vision with harmonic and melodic elements that are mostly composed on the classical and electric guitar, but as the bass is his main instrument of choice whilst playing in a band scenario, special attention is always paid to the rhythm side of his compositions.


Antoine Fafard first arrived on the music scene in Canada in 2001 as part of the Jazz-Rock group SPACED OUT, a band that made music along the Fusion style of ISOTOPE and Allan Holdswotth.  Six albums were produced over that decade: ’Spaced Out’ (2000), ‘Eponymus II’ (2001), ‘Slow Gin’ (2003),  ‘Unstable Matter’ (2006), ‘Live At The Crescendo Festival-2006’ (2007) and ‘Evolution’ (2008).  All of these were recorded for the long established Canadian indie label: Unicorn Digital Records, and the label also issued two DVD releases: ‘Live 2000’ and a video edition of the ‘Live At The Crescendo’ album.


Antoine later recorded three solo albums for Unicorn Digital: ‘Solus Operandi’ (2011), ‘Occultus Tramitis’ (2013) and ‘Ad Perpatuum’ (2014).  On those three titles he teamed-up with world-class musicians, including Vinnie Colaiuta, Jerry Goodman, Scott Henderson, Dave Weckl and Jerry De Villiers Jr, all of whom brought their unique playing qualities and styles to compositions aimed at audiences seeking instrumental music that emphasises improvisation and innovation.


Antoine ’s connection with Unicorn remained with his work for the MYSTERY albums, and that band has been one of the label’s most successful signings, with their main vocalist (Benoit David) taking Jon Anderson’s place in YES for a number of years.  The MYSTERY albums featuring Antoine are: ‘Beneath The Veil Of Winter's Face’ (2007) and ‘One Among The Living’ (2010) for several tracks, plus ‘The World Is A Game’ (2012) for the entire album.


For Antoine’s 4th solo album, the self-released / produced: ‘Sphère’ (2016), he once again works alongside lead guitarist Jerry De Villiers Jr, but this time has also acquired the services of the brilliant instrumentalist: Gary Husband for drums, lead synthesizer and piano.  Husband is world-renowned in fusion circles as a member of John McLaughlin's 4th Dimension and also - over the years - as part of bands fronted by Jack Bruce, Allan Holdsworth, Gary Moore and Billy Cobham.  Level 42, Jeff Beck, Robin Trower, Andy Summers, UK and Tony Levin are just a few of the many other notable names in his musical CV. 

The fact that Husband has chosen to work alongside Antoine Fafard on ‘Sphère’ not only adds kudos by the bucket-load to the release, but in doing so he also endorses the talent and skill of this highly talented player / composer and offers a strong hint as to the exacting standards of pure musicianship we can expect from Antoine Fafard’s album catalogue.



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