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This function is set-up to bring back results on the search criteria from any part of the entire CDS store. As a result you will find that, as well as bringing back all the available information on the main artist or band you are looking for, it will also bring back information on other artists and bands that the searched name has been linked to in some way, whether it be via a straight link or where the searched name has been used as a comparison in a review for another artist or band’s music.

If your search should produce a negative response, please don’t stop there!

As well as constantly adding new titles, we are always in the process of re-evaluating stock, and checking, updating and re-uploading data supplied by the vast range of suppliers we use. For that reason, it may simply be the case that the data on the artist or band you are looking for is currently under review or being worked on at the time of your search, and has yet to be completed and re-uploaded.

In a case like this, please contact us using our Product Request Form to tell us what it was you were searching our store for (Artist and Title please) and we will endeavour to make sure the relevant data is given priority to be checked and uploaded on to the site. Once we have done this, you should receive an email providing a link that will take you straight to the area in the shop where you will find the products you require.

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TIME TRAVELLER - CHAPTER I & II (MELODIC INSTRUMENTAL PSYCH-PROG) Awesome monumental psyched-up 70’s styled instrumental powerful Prog from Finland featuring guitars, analogue keyboards, bass & drums – It’s hot!

CD - STOCK CODE 1237669     [More Info]
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Normally £13.99  Currently £8.33 (exc) £9.99 (inc)
TIME TRAVELLER - CHAPTER III & IV (MELODIC INSTRUMENTAL PSYCH-PROG) 2nd amazing instrumental Psychedelic Prog album from Finland with guitars, analogue keyboards, drums & bass, this really is powerful monumental stuff!

CD - STOCK CODE 1438262     [More Info]
** Regular Stock Item **
£11.66 (exc)  £13.99 (inc)