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blues / blues-rock

Welcome to the CD Services Blues / Blues-Rock Department

Although none of the CD Services staff are by any stretch of the imagination traditional 'Blues' experts, some of us have been know to have things like Robert Johnson and earliest Fleetwood Mac (a band we tended to class in the 'Blues' bracket) in our collections.  Alternatively, we tend to favour the 'Blues-Rock' spectrum of musicians by stocking the more established artists in that category like: Cream and Robin Trower through to the new breed of electric blues guitarists like Joe Bonamassa and Kenny Wayne Shepherd, plus others in a similar vein.  However, when it comes to the vast range of acoustic blues, soul-influenced and mellow areas of the genre, we confess to having very limited knowledge, but that's no reason not to feature them here - and all the more reason why you should ask us for anything you don't see listed! 
The core of this department is primarily more rock-based, but over our many years in the music by mail business we have picked up quite a number of real 'Blues' fans who discovered that we could source and supply virtually anything they wanted, so we decided to widen the scope of the category by creating a department that would gradually be populated by a variety of recordings that have been selected and purchased from us in the past by "real" 'Blues' experts - i.e. our customers!  In the future we will monitor which artists and bands have the widest appeal and gradually expand the department by integrating more and more of these 'traditional' titles from our home database, which holds a massive range in excess of 15,000 worldwide 'Blues' and related titles. 

As in most of the CDS Online Store departments you will find a selection of titles not only on CD, but DVD, Blu-ray and HQ Vinyl LP formats as well!  A high percentage of the titles on display may just offer basic database details, but over time we will be adding more Images, Reviews and other details from our vast catalogue archive to many of these entries.  Selected items already come with Cover Art Images, General Info on the Artist / Title and Track Lists & Timings, plus certain titles will have a Review added.  Our reviews are known for giving factual information and honest, direct opinions.  Describing the music as we hear it, our reviews mix accuracy with enthusiasm, and where appropriate, include a certain level of humour to add entertainment value to the experience. 
However, in the case of traditional ‘Blues’ titles, these reviews are more likely to be sourced from a customer review or one written by a music journalist specialising in that category of music, in which case the reviewer will be credited.  Also, wherever possible we try to provide a window into You-Tube (and similar sites) where samples of
the music are available to listen to.

As well as standard A-Z browsing, this department also contains (when they are available) 'Features' on certain individual Artists & Bands, complete Label Catalogues, Top Sellers and Classics From The Past - These extend the range of choice by highlighting the repertoire of individual artists and labels that we are recommending and can be accessed from the department's sub-menus on the left of your screen.  The Store also has sections containing: New Releases, Special Offers, Bargain Basement and Rarities from this genre of music - These are grouped together and accessed from buttons in the store's homepage and at the top of most department pages. 

Like most of the other CDS 'Specialist' departments, some of the titles in this area will have a certain element of "crossover" with other categories in the store, and here there may be crossovers with the: General Rock & Pop  Guitar Instrumental  Oldies and Rock / Heavy Metal departments. 

This online department will always be a "work in progress" and will constantly be growing and evolving over time.  On a daily basis we will be fine-tuning the existing data, adding new products, and integrating the vast range of material we have accumulated "off-line" over the past twenty-five years.  If you don't find what you are looking for right now  - PLEASE ASK ABOUT IT - It may simply be down awaiting updates, and we may be able to "fast-track" these for you.  The more traditional 'Blues' titles are usually ordered on demand, so our Product Request Form is the perfect tool to use for this. 

While we do endeavour to maintain an accurate database, it is not possible for us to keep absolutely everything up-to-date for all of the time, and as such, certain inaccuracies and errors can occur.  Please always treat any data we publish as a guideline, and if there is any doubt about the validity of what you read, or you need further clarification of any item details, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our very best to help you.

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