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In our Industrial Music department you will find a variety of recordings selected from our main database of over 3,700 titles available worldwide. 'Industrial Music' originated in the mid-80's, where groups such as 400 Blows, Tackhead and Portion Control headed the genre's rise to fame at one end of the musical spectrum, while Whitehouse and Nurse With Wound came in from the opposite end, taking 'normal' music and stretching the boundaries from 'Industrial-Rock' to amorphous 'Avant-Garde'. Some created what most people would regard today as noise, by completely destroying the structure of the music altogether!

Heavy metal joined dance; dance was blasted into infinity; improvisation gave birth to uninhibited experimentation and the music exploded in your face… and still does, across a wide variety of styles. Somewhere along the way, an 'Ambient' equivalent of 'Industrial Space Music' was created by groups such as Lull, Main, Koner and similar on one hand, with the whole 'Heavenly Vocals' angle coming in on the other.

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