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The traditional 'Jazz' section of our database is vast, but in this department you will only find a small selected range of recordings from that list of literally thousands of titles available worldwide - over 60,000 at the last count! Although none of us at CDS are into traditional 'Jazz', ('Jazz-Rock' is our thing), increasing customer demand for the genre suggested it was appropriate to create a separate 'Jazz' department that would enable customers to browse directly through the 'genre' of their choice. We have a broad range of music fans now asking us to service them with 'Jazz' titles, simply because they like the way we do business. These customers provided us with much of the early information that initiated the department, and as such, it tends to reflect much of what they are buying to a large extent. Once again, we would like to stress that we are certainly not experts in this 'Jazz' field - but our Customer Services staff are more than happy to deal with any queries you have and special order the discs you require at no extra cost.

Supplying the music CDs is usually not a problem because we literally have all available titles there to order at the touch of a button - all we need to know is the artist and specific title(s) you require, and "Bob's your uncle" - It's done!

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