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Let's face it folks, this was a great time to have been buying music! We can all remember the first record we bought or rushing down to the local record shop to spend our pocket money on that great new 45 you just heard on Radio 1 or Radio Luxembourg. It was THE period in popular music history - It all started here with the real pioneers of pop - The Shadows, The Beatles, The Stones, The Searchers, Cliff Richard, Dusty Springfield… need we say more. Our kids might call us 'crumblies', but we know the oldies are still the best - a fact that the younger generation often have to concede to when their current day pop idols cover (or murder in some cases) the classics from the past.

We will be offering as many of these classics as we can in this department, mixing the familiar with the not so familiar, but if the old brain cells don't lock in on some of them straight away, don't worry about it - this trip down memory lane will reveal quite a few gems you had forgotten about until now. Our department offers a varied selection of 60's/70's solo artists and beat groups, many of which achieved a high degree of popularity in their time, as well as others that might have been equally deserving yet didn't (a situation that still exists today!) As with all the CDS departments, we welcome any enquiries you have on any artists and groups we list or feature. However, it is equally important that you contact us with details of any you expected to find, but didn't - please don't hesitate to ASK! Our Customers Services department will be glad to help.

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