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jazz-rock / fusion

In the field of 'Jazz-Rock' we tend to favour the guitar-bass-drums-keyboards line-up variety more than anything else, but the inclusion of wind and brass instruments is not something that turns us off either. The genre is somewhat over-crowded with releases but having said that, there are a lot of real quality bands still producing the music and keeping it fresh - that, alongside the established names, is what we intend to feature most heavily in this music department.

From the earliest beginnings of the genre, we have cultivated an interest in the 'Jazz-Rock' field and through the years have covered artists known (Mahavishnu Orchestra, Pat Metheny, Isotope, Brand X, etc.,) to the more obscure and upcoming talent, from older artists such as Wayne Johnson through more contemporary names such as Leni Stern & Alex Machacek to the undiscovered delights of Rare Blend and the highly underrated French TV.

Here, you will find quite a few items crossing over with our 'Guitar Music' (Instrumental)' department, and we would draw your attention to that, because you will find things in there that may not be classed as 'Jazz-Rock', but will have an appeal to you as a fusion music fan.

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