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rock / heavy metal

Rock is BIG! In our Rock Music department you will find an excellent variety of recordings selected from our main database of over 90,000 worldwide available titles. Defining what we mean and what you would refer to as 'Rock' became easier once we decided that the 'Guitar' department was going to consist of everything (or as good as) of an instrumental nature, 'Rock' or otherwise. The problem arose with things from many moons ago, particularly some of the 70's acts that, back then, could be referred to as 'Rock' but in the light of what is and has since been referred to as 'Rock', seemingly, shall we say, they are a tad lightweight. As a result, while this section is intended to concentrate on the loudest, heaviest and truly metallic end of the spectrum plus a healthy dose of A.O.R., you'll find older things here too. However, not everything will be listed - it really depends on what our viewpoint on the title is. Generally speaking though, if it rocks, it's here.

We're also trying to cover as much ground as possible with this music department; from the classics to present day, although, as 'Nu-Metal', 'EMO' and the likes achieve greater popularity status, we will be giving even more space over to this style of the genre, but with limited time and space available we must be selective with our choices for now.

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