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2013 imaginary psychedelic soundtrack album from the team behind the FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON, this time playing as opposed to compiling!

The AMORPHOUS ANDROGYNOUS is the psychedelic rock-tronic super-group created and produced by the FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON. Following on from their legendary and award winning (MOJO magazine compilation of the year) ‘Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble [Exploding In Your Mind]’ DJ series, the AMORPHOUS ANDROGYNOUS have started a parallel series called ‘Monstrous Bubble Soundtracks’ which aims to explore groovy sub genres of the MPB concept, but rather than DJ/compile, they write and produce all the material themselves in a classic soundtrack vein. The first one is: ‘The Cartel’ a study of psychsploitation (where psychedelia meets blaxploitation) and traces the lineage from Lalo Schifrin, Quincy Jones, Curtis Mayfield, John Barry, Ennio Morricone through to ‘OCEANS 12’.

Aided and abetted by a stellar cast including Noel Gallagher himself (bass & guitar) plus Raven Bush of fast upcoming Canterbury folk psych band SYD ARTHUR (violin) plus the AMORPHOUS ANDROGYNOUS themselves (both as producers and band) adding all manner of sonic delights centred round a core collective of Hammond organ, drums, violin, harp, flute, guitar, bass, brass and vibraphone.

‘The Cartel’ comes in Two Volumes, with a 3rd Volume of Remixes & Re-workings from a whole host of invited guests and artists / producers to follow thereafter.

Also available in this series: AMORPHOUS ANDROGYNOUS: CARTEL 2 - Stock # 1660682

‘Cartel 1’ is released on 2nd December 2013.


01. Wasp
02. Bug
03. Banksters
04. Regrets & Last Respects
05. Chase
06. Hide & Speak
07. Loaded Silence - Part 1
08. Plaza Heist
09. Eyes & Ears To The Ground
10. The First Billion Is The Hardest
11. Where Does The Evil Go When Evil Men Die?
12. Radio Breakdown
13. Taken Delivery
14. Harry Limescale Theme
15. Down The Memory Hole
16. Rat
17. Never Trust A Grass