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Product Format: CD               

Price: £12.49 (exc) £14.99 (inc)


2003 Remastered version of classic semi-instrumental debut album featuring CAMEL band-mates: Andrew Latimer on guitar and Dave Stewart on drums!

Originally recorded in 1998, the Polish Kartini / Oskar Records version of the CAMEL bassist / vocalist’s debut solo album: ‘An Outcast Of The Islands’ was Remastered in 2003 and had 3 Bonus Tracks added!
Composed and produced by Colin Bass, this version of ‘Outcast’ now contains 17 Tracks over a near 78 Minute running time. With fellow CAMEL members: Andrew Latimer (on 8 tracks) and Dave Stewart (on 10 tracks) in the line-up, this really is Symphonic Prog of the highest order.

With mellow, anthemic ballads laced with beautiful, yearning fretless bass sounds and seas of shimmering keyboard textures, stretching out to electric guitar driven jams backed with walls of Hammond and synth chords, there are more than a few nods to the sound of classic CAMEL all over this album, a point further enhanced by the fact that there are a high percentage of instrumentals featured within its many delights.
The writing is top-notch and Bass’s vocals are, as always, excellent through songs with infectious melodies and big hooks, but the instrumental work is classic, with Andy Latimer’s harmonious, melodic guitar work outstanding from start to finish, within a band sound swollen by the fantastic sound of the Hammond organ, exciting keyboard solos and haunting textural arrangements, with, as you would expect from the Bass / Sinclair combination, an outstanding rhythm section.
Among the 14 varied tracks on the main album, there are big production instrumentals, heartfelt ballads and a couple of timely string quartet link tracks, with one slide guitar driven piece even having a country edge to it and one short folky influenced song to close the album.
In fact there are many parts of ‘Outcast’ that sound like tracks taken from a lost CAMEL album, and as such, if you are a fan of that band, you won’t want to miss out on this one for sure!

Overall, a truly great semi-instrumental Symphonic Prog album with tasteful diversities that keeps the listener interested from start to finish!

The full musician line-up for ‘An Outcast Of The Island’ is: Colin Bass (bass guitars / keyboards), Andrew Latimer (guitars), Dave Stewart (drums), Wojtek Karolac (Hammond organ), Zbyszek Florek (keyboards), Maciek Meller (guitars), Szymon Brzezinski (guitars), Marcin Blaszczyk (keyboards), Jacek Piscorz (piano / Hammond organ), Jacek Zasada (flutes / whistle), Tatiana Kauczor (backing vocals) and Emila Derkowska (backing vocals). Also featured are: The Poznan Gospel Quintet and members of the Poznan Philharmonic Orchestra arranged and conducted by Kim Burton.

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01. Macassar [instrumental] (6:14)
02. As Far As I Can See (6:18)
03. First Quartet [instrumental] (1:44)
04. Goodbye To Albion (7:13)
05. Straits Of Malacca [instrumental] (4:40)
06. Aissa [instrumental] (2:44)
07. Denpasar Moon (4:20)
08. Second Quartet [instrumental] (0:31)
09. No Way Back (6:17)
10. Holding Out My Hand (6:23)
11. The Outcast [instrumental] (3:27)
12. Burning Bridges (4:54)
13. Reap What You So (6:18)
14. Trying To Get To You (2:14)
15. Poznan Pie (3:33) * Bonus Track *
16. Burning Bridges [live] (4:00) * Bonus Track *
17. As Far As I Can See [live] (6:57) * Bonus Track *

TPT – 77:49