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Product Format: CD               

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Issued in 1993 this classic was the 6th studio album by IQ, one of the UK’s finest melodic neo-progressive rock indie bands… Ever!

The line-up for ‘Ever’ was: Peter Nicholls (lead & backing vocals), Martin Orford (keyboards / flute / backing vocals), Mike Holmes (guitars), John Jowitt (bass / backing vocals) and Paul Cook (drums).

If bands like the FLOWER KINGS are the sound of 70's GENESIS, if you really think about it, the arrangements here are more akin to ‘Lamb Lies Down’-era GENESIS, only with much more of the Gabriel-esque vocals.
The compositions themselves mostly follow a fairly powerful and dynamic trail, with a few quieter bits along the way. The album is built on very solid rhythmic foundations and with a predominantly BIG sound.
‘Ever’ is the sound of mid-late 70's Prog re-inventing itself!

‘Ever’ is also available as a 180gm Double Vinyl LP – Stock # 1671489

IQ: EVER CD Track List:

01. Darkest Hour (10:52)
02. Fading Senses (6:36)
i.) After All
ii.) Fading Senses
03. Out Of Nowhere (5:10)
04. Further Away (14:30)
05. Leap Of Faith (7:22)
06. Came Down (5:57)

TPT - 50:27