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Product Format: DVDR               

Price: £9.99 (exc) £11.99 (inc)


Whether you’re a PINK FLOYD, DELERIUM or a VANGELIS fan, CODE INDIGO’s brand of Electronic Contemporary Instrumental Rock has something for you!

Release Delayed Until 14th March 2014!

Featuring music arranged and produced by keyboards player David Wright CODE INDIGO is regarded as one of Europe’s premiere Electronic Rock music bands!
The unbelievably melodic synthesizers and grandiose keyboards, the high-flying electric guitars, the soothing female voices, the sublime melodies, the flowing rhythms and the atmospheric voice samples all come together provide a selection of cinematic, panoramic soundscapes of huge scope that provide hours of instrumental listening pleasure for rock and electronica fans alike!

The 'MELTdown Concert’ DVD showcases the extraordinary graphics backdrop that accompanied CODE INDIGO’s 2013 appearance at the E-Day festival in Holland.

CODE INDIGO performed their ‘MELTdown’ album 'live' only once, so, while this is not a ‘live’ DVD in the usual sense, it is an opportunity to view the graphics interlaced with some live footage and hear the extended ‘MELTdown’ concert. For those who were there, this DVD will rekindle fond memories. For those who weren’t, it will give you the taste of an unforgettable audio-visual experience.
This concert recording DVD presents the ‘MELTdown’ album in extended format. It is an original, moody and topical electronic/rock concept album and at the time of going to press it is one of the top 5 CD’s in the prestigious German Schallwelle Music Award’s “Best International CD” category.
“MELTdown is a majestic tour de force”.

The video graphics and storyboard for the DVD were created, arranged and produced by Nigel Turner-Heffer. The concert footage was filmed by Winfried Wiesrecker, with additional footage by Nigel Turner-Heffer.

This title is also available in the following options…

‘MELTdown Concert’ DVD is also available as a Stand Alone PAL DVD Purchase – Stock # 1678883
‘MELTdown Concert’ DVD is also available in a Ltd Special Purchase CD+PAL DVD Package – Stock # 1637284
‘MELTdown Concert’ DVD is also available in a Ltd Special Purchase CD+NTSC DVD Package – Stock # 1680218

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01. Welcome To The Asylum (5:34)
02. Meltdown (6:08)
03. City Of Fools (3:19)
04. Costing The Earth (3:12)
05. Eco-Nomic (3:43)
06. Information Cascade (6:58)
07. Keep Taking The Pills (7:50)
08. Black Gold (2:40)
09. ID Code (11:40)
10. Carbon (2:28)
11. In the Dark (5:28)
12. The Men Who Crashed the World (7:40)
13. Bail Out (4:21)
14. Bankers In Wonderland (9:44)
15. Greed In The Bubble (0:40)
16. Bonus Culture (2:52)

TPT - 86:00