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Much to the excitement of Electronic / Progressive Music fans worldwide, this legendary French ensemble releases their first new studio album in decades!

‘Impressionist Symphony’ focuses on the artistic style of impressionism, painting and music as well with a Ravel, Satie and Debussy influence merged with Cyrille’s progressive music experience and linked with the French impressionist school of painting.
Featuring guest appearances by Steve Hillage (GONG/SYSTEM 7), Tim Blake (GONG/HAWKWIND), Didier Malherbe (GONG), Paul Sears (MUFFINS), Don Falcone (SPIRITS BURNING), Linda Cushma (OXYGENE8), Chris Kovax (PSYQUEST) and others, CLEARLIGHT’s ‘Impressionist Symphony’ is clearly one of the most anticipated new releases of 2014!

Musician Line-Up: Cyrille Verdeaux (piano / synthesizers), Don Falcone (synthesizers / keyboards), Didier Malherbe (wind instruments), Craig Fry (violin), Vincent Thomas Penny (guitars), Paul Sears (drums / percussion), Linda Cushma (bass), Chris Kovacks (synthesizers), Remy Tran (synthesizers), Steve Hillage (guitars) and Tim Blake (Xils synth / Theremin).

‘Impressionist Symphony’ is released on 31st March 2014.

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01. Renoir En Couleurs
02. Time Is Monet
03. Pissaro King
04. Degas De La Marine
05. Van Gogh Third Ear
06. Lautrec Too Loose
07. Gauguin Comme L'autre
08. Monet Time For Duo