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Dreamlike montages of soaring melodic guitar, synths & heavenly vocals for FLOYD, Kate Bush, Enya, MOODIES, Jon Anderson, ENIGMA & DELERIUM fans!

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And if the above video’s not enough to convince, then here are two others that follow it on YouTube that will seal it for you I’m sure!

We can’t recommend this album highly enough … if you like music that falls between the sound of David Gilmour’s guitar solo on PINK FLOYD’s ‘Comfortably Numb’ and the ethereal female vocals featured on tracks by the likes of DELERIUM or ENIGMA and all the amazing artists that work in the fields between, then there’s a whole lot of great music you (and I) have missed for almost three years, because 2014 was when this wonderful album first surfaced and while we have had it in stock, it somehow fell under the CDS listening radar, but now that it’s joys have been discovered we have located the remaining stock and can offer it to you now … better late than never as they say!

Tony Lowe has worked with many UK Prog artists over the years. In 2014 he co-wrote, played guitar and bass and produced the well-received album: ‘Cold Reading’ by BRAM STOKER. More recently he co-produced the 'Starless Starlight' album by David Cross & Robert Fripp.

In ‘Human Sleeping’ Tony and Alison have created a dream soundscape – Eight songs of eight dreams, the music evoking strong visuals as the listener journeys through a dream landscape, perhaps best represented by the 12-minute long: ‘Dream Corridor’ an experience reminiscent of falling down that famous rabbit hole.
This evocative album has a ghostly beauty, woven throughout by Tony Lowe’s distinctive and heartfelt guitar and keyboards with overlays of Alison’s sublime ‘clear-water’ vocals and eclectic lyrics. It’s mysterious, dreamlike atmospheric Prog with strong melodies, provocative intent, and a pervasive message of hope.

Here are some reactions from the music press…

“Tony Lowe/Alison Fleming’s ‘Human Sleeping’. Think PINK FLOYD go trance.” Record Collector

“The Prog-de-resistance here is the near 12-minute ‘Dream Corridor’ …If Steve Hogarth was female and MARILLION went a bit new age, it may well sound like this.“ David Randall – Get Ready to Rock

“This is another great album for Tony Lowe. Alison Fleming’s voice is the perfect match for this dreamy music. Loads of positive energy flowing with every electric guitar chord laid down. Get this and experience an incredibly warm dream state.” Mark Johnson - Sea of Tranquility

“This album reminded me of the 90's musical wave of bands like ENIGMA, DEEP FOREST and The ORB. The opener ‘Mystery’ really reminds you of these bands, as Alison’s vocals soar over the keyboards and programming. ‘Something’s Going On’ with the repetitive and rhythmic use of the vocals is another soothing song, but don’t go thinking this is nice background music as the guitars of Tony Lowe recall Mike Oldfield. A really enjoyable listen and one to keep coming back to.“ Jason Ritchie – GRTR

“Such an intriguing song. The melody is wonderfully haunting and it gives me those wonderful goose bumps after hearing a fabulous song. Simply superb. The arrangement flows so well and Alison is a gem. To me it’s a very spiritual song. It makes me reflect upon my life and takes me back to a special place in my heart.” - Adam Lindblom

“Majestic” Jim Lawson

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01. Mystery (6:32)
02. Something's Going On (5:54)
03. Human Rising (5:46)
04. Silent Spring (4:38)
05. Falling (5:20)
06. The Visitor (4:46)
07. Dream Corridor (11:54)
08. Human Sleeping (7:04)

TPT – 51:54