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Product Format: CD               

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Standard Single Disc Edition of this 50th Anniversary Remaster featuring 15 Bonus Tracks, 1 of which is Previously Unreleased!

This late November 2014 Edition, Remastered from the Original 4-Track Tapes, celebrates the 50th Anniversary of ‘The Magnificent Moodies’, the 1965 debut album by the MOODY BLUES!

Now associated as being pioneers of Progressive Orchestral Rock, the MOODY BLUES had another life between 1964 and 1966, as one of Britain’s finest Rhythm & Blues influenced acts. With a line-up of Denny Laine (guitar / vocals / harmonica), Ray Thomas (vocals / harmonica / flute), Mike Pinder (keyboards/ vocals), Clint Warwick (bass / vocals) and Graeme Edge (drums), the band signed to a London based management company who leased recordings to Decca Records. Their second single, a cover version of Bessie Banks’ ‘Go Now!’ was a huge chart success across the world.
Their debut album: ‘The Magnificent Moodies’ was released in 1965 to great acclaim and tours with the BEATLES eventually led them to become part of Brian Epstein’s management stable.
The band continued to record a series of singles, enjoying further chart hits in the UK and Europe, before Clint Warwick departed to be replaced by Rod Clarke and then finally dissolving in the Autumn of 1966 and reinventing themselves stylistically with a new line-up featuring Justin Hayward and John Lodge.

This Standard Single Disc Edition of the official 50th Anniversary re-issue includes the Original Album, Re-mastered from the First Generation Master Tapes, along with 15 Bonus Tracks that include All Singles Recorded Between 1964 & 1966 and One Previously Unreleased recording!

‘Magnificent Moodies’ is also available as a Double CD Set with 43 Bonus Tracks – Stock # 1728737

‘Magnificent Moodies’ is released on 24th November 2014.


CD 1 [Remastered with 15 Bonus Tracks]:
01. I’ll Go Crazy
02. Something You Got
03. Go Now
04. Can’t Nobody Love You
05. I Don’t Mind
06. I’ve Got A Dream
07. Let Me Go
08. Stop
09. Thank You Baby
10. It Ain’t Necessarily So
11. True Story
12. Bye Bye Bird
13. Lose Your Money {But Don’t Lose Your Mind} * Bonus Track *
14. Steal Your Heart Away * Bonus Track *
15. Go Now! [1st version - Previously Unreleased] * Bonus Track *
16. It’s Easy Child * Bonus Track *
17. I Don’t Want To Go On Without You * Bonus Track *
18. Time Is On My Side * Bonus Track *
19. From The Bottom Of My Heart {I Love You} * Bonus Track *
20. And My Baby’s Gone * Bonus Track *
21. Everyday * Bonus Track *
22. You Don’t {All The Time} * Bonus Track *
23. Boulevard De Madeleine * Bonus Track *
24. This Is My House {But Nobody Calls} * Bonus Track *
25. People Gotta Go * Bonus Track *
26. Life’s Not Life * Bonus Track *
27. He Can Win * Bonus Track *