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Previously available on Manikin in 2000, this wonderful recording has been out of print for many years, but it's now Remastered for your pleasure in 2014!

Next to TANGERINE DREAM, ASH RA TEMPEL is one of the main pioneering bands of the “Berlin School”.
With their self-titled debut album, the 1971 formation consisting of: Manuel Göttsching (guitar), Hartmut Enke (bass) and Klaus Schulze (drums) blended rock and blues elements into completely deconstructed and radical new sound collages.

Although Manuel Göttsching and Klaus Schulze have performed together during their solo careers and have a proven musical history together within the innovative guitar and electronic music fields, it was not until early in the new millennium that they again had a brief spell together as ASH RA TEMPEL.
Julian Cope (author of "Krautrock-Sampler") had invited Göttsching to his Cornucopea Festival in London, providing him a wonderful opportunity to play an ASH RA TEMPEL reunion concert with his ex-colleague Klaus Schulze. This event took place at the London Royal Festival Hall in 2000.
The ‘Friendship’ recordings came about during the preparations for this concert performance.
Göttsching and Schulze united tradition and vision, but instead of reactivating sounds from the 70’s, the spirit of this unique liaison flowed through each note of a contemporary new album where both musicians enthusiastically combined their talents.

‘Friendship’ is released on 8th December 2014.


01. Reunion (30:40)
02. Pikant (21:40)
03. Friendship (26:30)

TPT – 78:50