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Original 2004 Digi-Pak Edition, this fantastic instrumental Prog album features the raw sounds of Moog, Mellotron & Hammond Organ, all with a fusion edge!

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ECCENTIC ORBIT is an instrumental Prog Rock band whose sounds feature classic keyboards, analog-style wind-controlled synthesizers, bass guitar and drums. Their music is high-energy, melodic, accessible and very much heavily driven by the mighty music of the Progressive seventies!

‘Attack Of The Martians’ is ECCENTRIC ORBIT’s 2004 debut album and comes in a two-panel Digi-Pak.
It feels like it’s some long lost 70’s gem that’s just been unearthed from a vault in some record company’s dusty basement – and what a find it would be if it was – but it’s not - This is an instrumental Prog-rock album from a relatively NEW group consisting of two musicians on synthesizers and keyboards, an electric bassist who writes all the compositions and a drummer.
The musical recipe for the opening tack is… First take the timeless Mellotron introduction to GENESIS’ ‘Watcher Of The Skies’, then prepare bits of first two albums-era GREENSLADE (minus the vocals), add to that the Moog solos from ELP’s ‘Pictures At An Exhibition” and some TONY BANKS-style Mellotrons, mix well, then layer with MORAZ/MAINHORSE-style organ. Add to all of that an electric bass somewhere between MAGMA and Stanley Clarke – and plenty of it, no "mamby-pamby" portions – then top with drum work that could have come off any great seventies fusion album. Finally sprinkle the odd bit of HAWKWIND style VCS3 swirls and swoops over some parts and there you have it – “et voila” – an opening instrumental Prog track lasting 7.36 that you will enjoy so much you’ll want to make it again and again and again. I actually played it three times before even starting on the rest of the album – it’s THAT hot!

What follows on this original Digi-Pak pressing is four further purely instrumental tracks ranging from six to fourteen minutes long, and musically more or less in the same Classic Prog vein as that amazing opening cut!

Overall, ‘Attack Of The Martians’ is all like a concept album based around outer space and old sci-fi films, but, musically, it’s like a stick of Progressive Rock with the word “seventies” running right through it. For Prog fans who crave that style and want nothing more than tons of synthesizers, organ and Mellotron all working in that classic, timeless vein, this album is a dream come true!
The bass work is also quite phenomenal, while the drums have been produced to sound solid, crisp and crunchy. But it’s the wailing Moog solos, the anthemic 70’s style synth sounds, the Hammond organ work and that sound of old (real) Mellotron heaven that take centre stage as the two synth/keyboards players really spark, duel & shine.

Packed with raw analogue keyboard energy, of its kind, and even with influences as strong as this, ‘Attack Of The Martians’ retains originality and is absolutely timeless - One of the best instrumental keyboards/synths-based Prog albums you’ll ever hear for sure.

The musician line-up for ‘Attack Of The Martians’ is: the late Mark Cella (drums and percussion), Bill Noland (bass), Madeleine Noland (wind-controlled synthesizers & keyboards) and Derek Roebuck (keyboards).

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01. Star Power (7:36)
02. Sputnik (7:08)
03. Attack Of The Martians (10:41)
i. Flying Saucers & Little Green Men
ii. The Face On Mars
iii. Martians Everywhere!
04. Forbidden Planet (14:09)
i. Arrival {Innocence Lost}
ii. Intruder
iii. Krel
iv. Tempest / Departure
05. Enemy Of My Enemy (6:06)

TPT – 45:49