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If quality, powerful, melodic, guitar/keys driven Prog (with amazing rhythm section) is your thing, this, and other PALLAS albums should in your collection!

Brand new album from the fantastic Aberdeen based Prog band that were leaders of the period we call the 2nd phase of Prog back in 1984 when ‘The Sentinel’ album was first released on LP (then on CD in the early 90’s).

PALLAS first received wider recognition when major label EMI signed the band to their Harvest imprint alongside fellow Scots: MARILLION (straight EMI) when the second phase of Progressive Rock began in the early-mid 80’s.
Where MARILLION were hailed as the new GENESIS, PALLAS with their more complex arrangements and generally heavier sound were probably closer to what YES were doing at the time. Apart from the first album being produced by the wonderful Eddie Offord – then past producer for YES (‘Close To The Edge’ etc.) and ELP (‘Tarkus’, Trilogy’ etc.) the PALLAS sound was also powerfully driven by a rhythm section that was the next best thing to YES. Their keyboard sounds were gargantuan, the guitars runs and solos melodic and electrifying, and with excellent character driven vocals to back all that up, PALLAS were one mighty fine playing unit.

A lot has happened over the years that followed, but thirty years on, not too much has changed line-up wise - Three of the original members are still there: Niall Mathewson (guitars), Greame Murray (bass/bass pedals) and Ronnie Brown (keyboards), and together Colin Fraser (drums) who joined the band a few years back and the most recent recruit Paul Mackie (vocals) the PALLAS sound is just as mighty and majestic as it was back in their heyday.

There are many moments of real light and shade throughout ‘Wearewhoweare’, with plenty in the way of instrumental sections to savour alongside the songs themselves. You get haunting atmospherics, grandiose symphonics and layers of gorgeously melodic high-register guitar breaks, plus all the dynamics and passages of the genuine Prog-power the band were well-known for are all still there in abundance.
The keyboard solos and textures are just as mind-blowing, the guitars as heartfelt and high-flying and the rhythm section still packs a mighty punch. The vocals are delivered passionately and the quality of the songwriting is first class on eight songs that are a mix of instant attractions and gradual growers.
Add to all that skilful sound engineering and a nice production job, and you have a very fine independently produced Prog album of the highest standards.


01. Shadow Of The Sun (7:39)
02. New Life (4:51)
03. Harvest Moon (7:19)
04. And I Wonder Why (7:04)
05. Dominion (9:09)
06. Wake Up Call (6:33)
07. In Cold Blood (3:52)
08. Winter Is Coming (7:59)

TPT – 54:26