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72 minutes of new studio music that includes a masterful 2012 live reworking of ‘Return To The Plains' suite from his classic 1995 'Moments In Time’ album!

The 2nd volume of David Wright’s ‘Beyond The Airwaves’ trilogy continues where ‘Volume 1’ left off, presenting a variety of electronic, ambient, space rock music styles, this time with guests Robert Fox (synthesizers), Lee Morant (guitar) and the voice of Carys.

The thirty-five minute ‘Dreaming Desire’ features Carys on vocals and is a beautifully emotive and slow building epic that came out of an improvised studio session with Robert Fox in 2014.

‘Return To The Plains’ is a ‘live’ reworking of sections from the ever popular ‘Moments In Time’ album, here re-imagined to stunning effect. This twenty-five minute epic builds with strong rhythms, sequences and ethnic flavours, underpinned by a multitude of layers and lush passages that make it rich with drama.
As with ‘Volume 1’, the ‘live’ sections are taken from concerts given in the USA and Europe in 2012 and 2013, all reworked and added to afterwards in the studio.

There are 2 Bonus Tracks: ‘Call To Me’ which is a Chill-Out track written by Carys and David Wright, plus a Chill-Out Remix of the classic: ‘Walking with Ghosts’.

‘Beyond The Airwaves-Volume 2’ is another pulsating voyage into cosmic electronic music and a worthy addition to David Wright’s extensive catalogue.

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‘Beyond The Airwaves-Volume 2’ was released on 29th May 2015.


Tracks 1 – 7 form: ‘Dreaming Desire – A Symphony For Synth & Voice’ (34:59)
Tracks 8 – 12 form: ‘Return To The Plains’ 2012 Concert Recording (23:52)
Tracks 13 – 14 are Bonus Tracks.

01. False Dawn (4:19)
02. Sirens (3:12)
03. Dreaming Desire (5:23)
04. Remembering Where We Were (8:11)
05. Point Two (4:37)
06. Sign Of Three (3:44)
07. Where We Are Is Where We've Been (5:35)
08. Animism (2:23)
09. Ghost Dancer (6:35)
10. Vision Quest (2:15)
11. Return To The Plains (9:37)
12. Earth And Sky (3:02)
13. Call To Me [chill-out mix] (7:56)
14. Walking With Ghosts [D.Mass chill out mix] (5:39)

TPT – 72:28