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CAMEL member Colin Bass' 3rd solo studio album in seventeen years comes in a Gatefold Card Sleeve and like all good things, the wait has been worth it!

With a stellar guest list (as one would expect from CAMEL's bassist) the album has so far been a crowd-funded effort, but the production qualities have remained at the very highest, with the CD containing 12 Tracks over a near 57-Minute running time, and coming packaged in a High-Quality Gatefold Card Sleeve with 24-Page Booklet.

Composed and produced by Colin Bass and featuring fellow CAMEL members: Andrew Latimer and Dave Stewart in the line-up, plus: Kim Burton, Alan Prosser and Ben Mandelso, ‘At Wild End’ has clearly been a real labour of love for Colin.
It features a collection of 10 songs and 2 instrumentals with three interweaving threads: a chronicle of dreams with their subliminal messages and sudden changes of scene, mood and possibility; a reflection of a life of musical experiences and enthusiasms; a series of poems in praise of pastoral pleasures.
The last thread gives the album its title and takes inspiration from life around the “Wild End”; a magical place nestled in the Snowdonia borderlands of beautiful North Wales.
The songs on ‘Wild End’ are initially on the gentle/laid-back melodic side of the rock spectrum with some slight folk influences creeping in here and there. It rocks-out more for: ‘Darkness On Leather Lake’, a Hammond organ backed song with strong chorus, driving bass line and searing guitar solo from Andy Latimer. The heartfelt ballad: ‘If I Could Stay’ reverts back to the more laid-back approach and after ‘Girl From The Northwest Country’ ups the tempo the laid-back feel continues on through the fretless bass driven: ‘Up At Sheep’s Bleat’ with spoken lyric.
Closing with the atmospheric mid-paced title track that features a terrific guitar lead-in and ultra-melodic solo by Andy Latimer, this is possibly the most CAMEL-influenced track on ‘At Wild End’, probably due to the ‘Ice’ style extended guitar solo later in the track, but this one is much shorter that the aforementioned CAMEL epic from ‘I Can See Your House From Here’.

‘At Wild End’ sounds like a very personal album for Colin Bass and the music it is clearly influenced by traditions and countryside around and about the area in which the album was recorded.

The full musician line-up for ‘At Wild End’ is: Colin Bass (bass / guitars / vocals / keyboards), Kim Burton (piano / accordion / kaval / cifteteli), Andrew Latimer (guitars / organ / keyboards), Dave Stewart (drums), Sian James (welsh harp), Ben Mandelson (guitars / jews harp / Hungarian whistle stick) / Alan Prosser (guitars), Jenn Williams (fiddle), Lisa Jen Brown (vocals), John Lawrence (vocals) and Nigel Watson (vocals / percussion).

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01. Return To Earth (4:30)
02. We Are One (5:55)
03. Walking To Santiago [inc. an excerpt from John Bunyan’s hymn ‘To Be A Pilgrim’] (6:46)
04. Waiting For Someone (4:11)
05. In Another Time (4:54)
06. Szegereli Eternal [instrumental] (1:48)
07. Darkness On Leather Lake (5:04)
08. Bubuka Bridge [instrumental] (1:55)
09. If I Could Stay (5:59)
10. Girl From The Northwest Country (4:36)
11. Up At Sheep’s Bleat (2:51)
12. At Wild End (8:12)

TPT – 56:43